College of Arts and Sciences
Global Awareness Program


    • Will you be a sophomore or junior beginning Fall 2014?
    • Do you have at least a 2.5 GPA?
    • Do you want to become more aware of the events shaping our world today and your future?

    Then consider applying to join the Global Awareness Program.  GAP is a specialization certificate in which students combine academics, co-curricular activities, service learning and, possibly study abroad into a cohesive program that will get them up to speed on our dynamic changing world and give them the tools to become engaged global citizens.

    GAP is a two-year cohort program for 15-20 engaged Seattle University students who will take a series of 1 credit classes designed to introduce them to major global issues.  They will take 15-credits of a wide range of elective courses designed to deepen these introductions and they will conclude their academic program with a Senior Synthesis that integrates and reflects on these experiences. 

    Applications for Fall 2014 are open until May 18, 2014

    Application Instructions: If you are interested in becoming part of GAP, please fill out the on-line application form. All applications are due by May 18, 2014. All applicants on SU's campus should also sign up for a 10-minute information meeting with Dr. Taylor during advising weeks:April 28th through May 9th. The meeting is not mandatory but strongly encouraged.

    All accepted students will register for GAP 251 - Global Knowledge (1 credit) for Fall Quarter 2014. Class will meet every other Tuesday from 6:00 - 7:45 pm.

    Questions? Contact Dr. Tom Taylor, Director, Global Awareness Program, at (206) 296-5445.