College of Arts and Sciences

Celestial Din

  • Work by Garek J Druss
    Curated by Amanda Manitach

    Celestial Din

    Dates: September 6-28, 2013

    Opening Reception: Friday, September 6, 2013, 7-9 pm.

    Special performance at Lee Center Theater: Friday, September 6, 9 pm.

    Hedreen Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibit of multimedia work by Garek J Druss. Druss' practice exists in the space between audio and visual media, bridging and binding opposing forms. His work typically originates as a diagram, a watercolor drawing representing the visual score of an original composition. Rather than a traditional five line staff with a clef, Druss works with sensation-based visual arrangements on paper which map the aural environment and notate significant characteristics occuring within a piece. The emotive attributes of the work (timbre, pitch crescendo, dynamics, melodies and harmonics) all have their own correlative colors, patterns and line qualities. Graphite, pen and ink and watercolor all similarly designate specific aural characteristics. The completed visual composition remains an object and artifact exhibited on its own, while serving as a reference point for the performer/player.

    Druss' auditory work examines the palpable effects of audio on preconceived time structures, emotional responses relating to tone and pitch and the physical awareness of architectural space. Emphasis is placed on the participation of listener/participant: within his sound installations and environments, completion of the experience is achieved when all parties move beyond the physical act of hearing towards a state in which they interact with their sonic environments in a more profound way.

    Druss has shown his sound and visual collaborations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, New York, Austria and Italy. He has performed solo work extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Collaborative compositions and performances include work with the multidimensional theater company Saint Genet, textile sculptor and designer Anna Telcs, musical trio A Story of Rats and the improvisational duo Dull Knife. He also performs and records regularly with the Oregon based acts Atriarch and Tecumseh.

    OPENING NIGHT PERFORMANCE (Friday, September 6, 9pm) :
    The composition for the opening night’s performance was first conceived as a diagram, a drawing representing a score for an original composition. It is not a traditional five line staff that begins with a clef, but a sensation-based visual arrangement that notates characteristics of the piece significant to the performance of the work. The emotional attributes of the composition relate to timbre, pitch crescendo, melody and harmonic dynamics. These compositional traits have their own colors, patterns and line qualities that designate their specific characteristics and presence within the piece.

    The piece was written (drawn) with specific frequencies from the sound installation to form the foundation from which the piece was expanded into an animated composition for live performance. Frequencies were chosen based on research in alternative tunings and the human response to frequency manipulation. 396HZ, 417HZ and 528HZ are pure tones generally intriguing to the human ear. They possess a certain attraction and mystique that has stimulated much debate over their inherent sonic function—but I am primarily interested in the possibility of leveraging these tones to create immersive, exploratory, multi-sensory experience. I have tuned my instruments to A432HZ because, to my ear, this is a more serene range of frequencies than the contemporary western concert pitch of A440HZ. It is also part of a naturally occurring number sequence reflected in the shapes of the paper sound sculptures and the position they occupy in the gallery. 432 Hertz vibrates in unison with the electromagnetic resonance that our planet naturally and harmonically emits. -Garek J Druss

    Image: The Celestial Din, Stage plot for live performance, graphite, 8 x 11 in, 2013