College of Arts and Sciences
Fine Arts Department

Venues and Facilities

  • Lee Center for the Arts

    The Lee Center for the Arts is a state of the art performance and exhibition space, housing the Eshelman Stage, and the Hedreen Gallery.

    Hedreen Gallery

    The Hedreen Gallery at the Lee Center for the Arts is dedicated to the vibrancy of Seattle's artistic community.

    Kinsey Gallery

    Founded in 1988, The Kinsey Gallery was successfully relocated to a more visible location in the new Admissions & Alumni Building in 2009.

    Vachon Gallery

    The Vachon Gallery, in the Fine Arts Building was converted from a studio theatre to a dedicated gallery in 2009 and has since shown a mix of student, faculty, and guest artist exhibitions.

    Classrooms and Studios

    The Department of Fine Arts has a broad range of specialized music, visual art, and theatre studios and classrooms.