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Collaborative Research

  • The Seattle University Department of Criminal Justice’s Center for the Study of Crime and Justice conducts primary research, including data collection and analysis, program evaluation, and collaborative research with local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies.

    CURRENT FEATURED RESEARCH --Criminal Justice Department Chair Jacqueline Helfgott is the principal investigator and Professor Will Parkin is co-investigator on Seattle Police Foundation projects to evaluate Seattle Police Department (SPD) micro-community policy plans and develop and administer a survey to measure perceptions of the SPD Crisis Intervention Team Model. Five Master of Arts in Criminal Justice students are serving as Research Assistants on the project from 2014-2016 assigned to one of each of the Seattle Police precincts (Jennifer Burbridge-Southwest, Zhanna Kachurina-West, Grace Goodwin-South,  Karmen Schuur-North, and Matt Thomas-East) along with one undergraduate Research Assistant and Seattle Police Explorer Joey Singer who is assisting with all aspects the project.

    SPD MCPP RAs_05.22.15

    SPD MCPP RAs -- Joey Singer, Matt Thomas, Zhanna Kachurina, Jennifer Burbridge, Grace Goodwin, and Karmen Schuur

    Criminal Justice Professors Will Parkin, Jacqueline Helfgott, and Pete Collins and Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Students Kidst Messelu, Elizabeth Krappen, and Amani Azzam are near completion of a project “Developing a Public Safety Plan for Yesler Terrace” funded by the Seattle Housing Authority. The final report will be available soon.

     FINAL REPORTS AND PUBLICATIONS --Selected Examples of Collaborative Research with Criminal Justice Agency Partners 


    Research is conducted under the direction of faculty in the Criminal Justice Department. Subscribe here to receive research reports.

    If you are interested in exploring collaborative research opportunities with the department please contact Dr. Jacqueline Helfgott (