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CMST Quick Guide


    The Communication Studies (CMST) major is in transition.  There are a few versions that vary by catalog year and some classes that may be on your program evaluation are no longer offered.

    This is a guide prepared by CMST advisors to try to help you plan for and navigate your major and your progress toward graduation.  It’s no substitute for contact with your advisor though, so we highly encourage you to examine your program evaluation and consult with your advisor to determine the best registration choices for you.

    If you are on the 08-09 catalog (reflected on the top of your program evaluation), please see your advisor to determine acceptable substitutes for the courses that are no longer offered.  

    Area I — Foundations 

    • 205 - Rhetorical Foundations of Communication
    • 225 - Social Foundations of Communication
    • 245 - Media Foundations of Communication

    Area II — Rhetoric, Social Interaction, and Digital

    • 230 - Public Speaking
    • 341 - New Media Communication — generally offered in Fall or Winter
    • Either 342 or the substitute 343 Critical Analysis of Digital Media; 342 is rarely offered—343 is generally offered in Winter or Spring
    • 385 - Intercultural Communication

    Area III — Advanced Electives

    • Take two upper level CMJR electives, they can be selected from those with a CMST designator.  If they aren’t listed as CMST you may be able to work around the restriction with your advisor.  These courses, in combination with Area VI give you the chance to develop a concentration in an area of CMJR where you are most interested.  Possible courses include additional choices in rhetoric, interpersonal communication, strategic communication, or journalism.

    Area IV — Communication Leadership

    • 5 credits of internship approved by the advisor, debate credit, or an advisor approved class with a service learning component.  This may be listed at CMJR 460 on your program evaluation.

    Area V — Research Seminar

    • 468 - Research Seminar in Communication. Offered in Winter or Spring of your senior year.  Satisfies the CMJR 465, 466, 467 requirement.

    Area VI — CMJR Elective

    • Any CMJR class from 200-400 level.

    Senior Synthesis

    • 494 - Communication Justice, Rights and Law