College of Arts and Sciences
Academic Success Resources

Campus Resources

  • Career Services
    Location: Pigott Pavilion 110
    Phone: 206-296-6080

    • Assistance in finding a major that fits your career goals and passions
    • Resume and cover letter help
    • Internship and job searching tools and resources
    • Mock interviews

    Center for Service and Community Engagement
    Location: 1223 East Cherry St. Suite E (in the Douglas)
    Phone: 206-296-2569

    • Service activities, events, and trips

    Commuter and Transfer Student Life
    Location: Pigott Pavilion 180
    Phone: 206-296-6291

    • Provides collegias across campus which are home like environments for commuter students
    • Support services and activities for transfer students

    Core Solution Center
    Location: University Services Building

    • Assistance with registration into closed Core classes during registration week and the first week of classes

    Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
    Location: Pigott Pavilion 120
    Phone: 206-296-6090

    • Licensed professionals who provide individual, couples, and group counseling to enrolled students
    • CAPS also provides consultations, crisis interventions, and educational workshops

    Disability Services
    Location: Loyola 100
    Phone: 206-296-5740

    • Provides access, accommodation, and support to individuals with learning, physical, and psychological disabilities

    Education Abroad
    Location: Pigott Pavilion 124
    Phone: 206-296-2226

    • Advising and resources for students who are interested in studying abroad

    Leadership Development
    Location: Pigott Pavilion 150
    Phone: 206-296-5323

    • Leadership conferences, events, and opportunities for students to develop leadership skills

    Learning Assistance Programs
    Location: McGoldrick Learning Commons
    Phone: 206-296-5740

    • One-on-one consultation on how to improve study skills
    • Tutoring for various courses
    • Learning strategy workshops
    • Group study opportunities & Language conversation groups

    Math lab
    Location: McGoldrick Learning Commons

    • Provides drop-in assistance for students who need help with math
    • Students are encouraged to work on their mathematics coursework in the lab and seek help whenever necessary

    Office of Fellowships
    Location: Loyola 100
    Phone: 206-296-2517

    • Offers information on scholarships and grants that provide funding during a student’s undergraduate years
    • Provides expert guidance on writing personal statements, grant writing, interview strategies, and many other skills that serve in other areas beyond scholarship competitions.

    Office of Multicultural Affairs
    Location: Student Center 320
    Phone: 206-296-6070

    • Supports the academic, personal, social, and cultural success of students of color, queer students, and trans students 

    Office of Student Activities
    Location: Student Center 350
    Phone: 206- 296-2525

    • Student clubs, student government, resources for how to get involved, and campus events

    Premajor Studies Program
    Location: Bellarmine Advising Center
    Phone: 206-296-2260

    • Provides academic advising and support to freshman and sophomores who have not yet decided on a major or career path, helping them create an action plan for declaring a major by the end of their sophomore year
    • Provides the framework, programming and resources necessary to help students make informed decisions about choosing a major
    • Encourages students in defining their goals by helping them assess their personal strengths, limitations, interests and values as they relate to their choice of major, their overall education and their career path

    Registrar’s Office
    Location: University Services Bld. 104
    Phone: 206-296-8030

    • Information about degree requirements and academic policies

    Student Financial Services
    Location: University Services Bld. 105
    Phone: (206) 296-8020

    • Counselors can answer questions about federal and state loans, grants, scholarships, awards, and your student bill
    • Coordinate student employment (work study jobs)

    Writing Center
    Location: McGoldrick Learning Commons
    Phone: (206)296-6239

    • Consultants provide help with brainstorming, revisions, and editing
    • It’s best to make an appointment a few days in advance and bring your assignment with you along with any drafts that you may have