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  • Term GPA Calculator

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    Cumulative GPA Calculator

    Enter cumulative GPA as well as the total number of credits attempted.  

    Current Cumulative: GPA
  • Directions

    • To calculate estimated term GPA: 
      1) Enter credits and estimated grades for the current term of enrollment; 
      2) Select “Calculate Estimated Term GPA”
    • To calculate estimated cumulative GPA:
      1) Enter current cumulative GPA as indicated on your program evaluation;
      2) Enter credits attempted (do not include current quarter credits);
      3) Select “Calculate Cumulative GPA”  - the calculator will automatically integrate the credits and estimated GPA from above in this estimated cumulative GPA.

    Instructions Note:
    You must fill in both columns of the Letter grade and the Course credits.
    Click the calculation button and your new cumulative GPA will be displayed based the information you provided for your current GPA and estimated term GPA.