College of Arts and Sciences
Pre-Law Program

Academic Information

  • Choosing an Academic Major

    You should major in anything that you find interesting and are passionate about. Don't choose a major based on what you think law schools may or may not be looking for. There is no particular major that has proven to be the best for preparing students for law school. You will likely get your best grades and excel in subject matter that you find enjoyable.

    Planning your Undergraduate Coursework

    There are no required classess to get into law school, but students should try to take a challenging, broad based schedule. While maintaining a competitive GPA is important, a rigorous course load is important too. Law schools can easily recognize if your transcript is padded with "blow-off" classes. Students should take classes that will help hone and develop the necessary skills to thrive in law school. These skills include:

    • Critical Analysis
    • Writing and reading skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Logical Reasoning

    The one course that may be recommended for students who are planning to take the LSAT is PHIL 2600 - Introduction to Logic. Several students have indicated that taking this course in the quarter prior to taking the LSAT was helpful in developing the right mindset for taking the test.