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  • A&S Professor Highlights Music Program on the Seattle Channel

    December 2, 2008

    Quinton Morris, Assistant Professor of Chamber and Instrumental Music, was interviewed by Nancy Guppy and performed during an episode of "Art Zone" on the Seattle Channel, November 20, 2008. To watch the interview and performance please visit:

    SYNOPSIS: Art Zone in Studio with Nancy Guppy
    11/20/2008: We're pulling out the stops this week! You'll meet D.K. Pan, one of the coolest artists in town... our favorite classical musical guru, KUOW's Dave Beck, has some hot tips... our high energy theatre chick, Kathy Hsieh, tell us what to see this holiday season... I'll show you how to tour SAM, and eat a delicious lunch, in less than an hour! Link to video:


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