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  • Clay Receives Footlight Award

    January 10, 2012

    Fine Arts Professor Carol Wolfe Clay received a 2011 Footlight Award for her design of “Cymbeline,” produced by the Seattle Shakespeare Company. The annual Footlight Awards are given to outstanding actors, theaters, and stage productions by Seattle Times theater critic Misha Berson.

    Clay’s award for "Splendid Scenic Effects" recognizes the creative boardwalk kingdom she designed for Cymbeline. In addition, Clay designed the set for Border Songs, produced by Book It Repertory Theatre, which received a Footlight Award for “Top Mainstage Production.”

    Clay specializes in scenic design, lighting design, and puppetry. She has designed more than 50 productions at Seattle University since she joined the College of Arts and Sciences faculty in 1986.

    The Department of Fine Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate degrees in theatre, photography, digital art and design, visual art and art history, and music as well as an MFA in Arts Leadership.


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