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  • Gutiérrez y Muhs Awarded Research Grant

    January 9, 2012

    Professor Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs has received a Catholic Thought and Culture Faculty Research Grant for 2012-13. The grant supports her book project on spirituality and religion in Latina/Latino and Chicana/Chicano literature. The award was made by the Office of the Provost.  

    "This grant will allow me to further explore the multiple representations of spirituality from an intersectional framework, including race, class, gender, and sexuality," Gutiérrez y Muhs said. "The work of authors who have either identified as mestizo or indigenous Chicano/Chicana often includes the synchronic blending of indigenous belief systems with Catholicism.”

    With this grant, Gutiérrez y Muhs will get to interview several Chicana/o authors and further theorize the direction of their work in the area of spirituality.

    Latinos are part of a minority that will soon become one third of the United States population. Gutiérrez y Muhs has been a national leader in highlighting the literature of this underrepresented group.

    Guitierrez y Muhs, who received her Ph.D. from Stanford University, is a poet and literary critic. She has been on the faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in Seattle University, since 2000. She teaches in the Modern Languages and Women's Studies Departments and is the director of the Latin American Studies Program.


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