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    CMS to remove Web clutter

    Joshua Lynch
    October 29, 2008, Spectator

    In some ways, a visit to many of Seattle University's Web sites has been like a trip to the past, but officials say the purchase of a Web application to streamline workflow will give the university's online presence the look of the future.

    Seattle U purchased Ektron, a content management system, in April to combat broken links, an inconsistent look and difficulties updating material on its 6,000 Web pages. A content management system, or CMS, is software that allows users who don't have coding abilities to create, edit and publish content online.

    Dan Duffy, chief technology officer of OIT, said Ektron will save those responsible for updating department Web pages time. Previously, some campus sites were built by individuals using Web design programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, while others had custom management systems built by the university's web developers.

    "This will not only be a return on investment but a return on happiness," said Soon Beng Yeap, assistant vice president of Marketing and University Communications.

    Ektron cost the university around $100,000, according to Duffy. The application is used by organizations like the University of Washington, NASA and the Seattle Seahawks.

    Ektron was launched on a few Seattle U Web pages in September, including the College of Arts and Sciences' site.

    Aren Kaser, who's responsible for insuring the college's nearly 300 Web pages are up to date, said the new CMS has already saved him time and frustration.

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