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  • Wong Named Director of the Institute of Public Service

    July 1, 2011

    Janelle Wong joins the Arts and Sciences faculty as the new director of the Institute of Public Service (IPS). She had previously been an associate professor in the Political Science Department and Department of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California.  

    As director of IPS, Wong oversees two advanced degree programs, Master of Public Administration and Executive Master in Nonprofit Leadership, and the undergraduate Bachelor of Public Affairs. The institute also serves neighboring communities and the region through applied research, service learning projects, trainings, consultations, and public policy forums.

    Wong received her Ph.D. from Yale University. Her current research focuses on American politics, political participation and mobilization, racial and ethnic diversity, public opinion and voting behavior, and civic institutions.

    A prolific scholar, Wong has devoted much of her intellectual energy over the past decade to the study of nonprofit organizations and their role in integrating immigrants into the U.S. political system. More recently, Wong co-authored the forthcoming book Asian American Political Participation: Emerging Constituents and their Political Identities (with Karthick Ramakrishnan, Taeku Lee, and  Jane Junn, Russell Sage Publishers).  Her most recent article, “Race-based Considerations and the Obama Vote,” appeared in the DuBois Review (co-authored with Karthick Ramarkrishnan, Jane Junn and Taeku Lee, July 2009).  Wong is currently working on a new book: Immigrants, Religious Conservatism, and Contemporary Racial Politics. She recently presented “Holy Alliances: Immigrants, Religious Conservatism, and Contemporary Racial Politics in the U.S.” at the University of Washington, Diversity Research Institute.

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