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  • Our Children, Our Voices Receives Humanities Grant

    June 20, 2011

    Professors Claire Garoutte, Fine Arts, and Saheed Adejumobi, History/Global African Studies, received a grant from Humanities Washington for their project “Our Children, Our Voices.” Project directors will work with area Somali teens and families on questions of cross-cultural identity, citizenship, education, assimilation, and immigration. Seattle is home to the second largest Somali population in the United States.

    With a twin focus on early childhood education and first-generation youth, Our Children, Our Voices is a multi-layered narrative.

    “We are bringing together oral histories and photography to highlight the activism and self-representation of this vibrant and often misrepresented population,” said Garoutte.

    The project begins in July with a workshop involving Somali teens. Videography, photography, and historical narratives are part of the weeklong program at Seattle University.

    “We have the opportunity to capture the multifaceted cross-cultural experiences facing the Somali community in our city,” Adejumobi said. “With oral histories, photography, and video, we can offer insight into the issues they confront every day.”

    Claire Garoutte joined the College of Arts and Sciences faculty in 2006 and directs the photography program. Saheed Adejumobi joined the college faculty in 2005 and teaches courses in African history, African American history, and courses in African film and music with emphasis on the intellectual history, aesthetics and politics of the Black diaspora.

    The College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in Seattle University, offers 33 undergraduate and 7 advanced degrees.



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