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  • Rodriguez Keynotes at American Catholic Council

    June 10, 2011

    Professor Jeanette Rodriguez, Theology and Religious Studies Department, speaks on the birth of liberation theology at the American Catholic Council gathering in Detroit on June 11. The American Catholic Council, a movement that brings together a network of individuals, organizations, and communities, examines the state and future of the Catholic Church and recalls the promise of the Second Vatican Council. More than 1800 theologians, scholars, activists, and lay people are expected to attend.  

     In addition to her plenary presentation, Rodriguez is conducting a workshop on Latino popular religion.   

     “U.S. Latino Catholics make up 16% of the population,” she said. “Their impact and contributions to the U.S. Church are substantial.” 

     Rodriguez, who received her Ph.D. from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, joined the College of Arts and Sciences faculty in 1990. An outstanding scholar, she co-authored Cultural Memory: Resistance, Faith and Identity (University of Texas Press) with Anthropology Professor Ted Fortier. Rodriguez, who teaches courses in women and theology, religion and culture, and U.S. Hispanic theology, received the Seattle University Alumni Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2010. 

     The College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in Seattle University, offers 7 advanced and 33 undergraduate degrees, including major and minor degrees in Theology and Religious Studies. 



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