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  • Study Abroad Opportunity: London

    January 18, 2011

    English Professor Mary-Antoinette Smith,  Director of the Women Studies Program, leads a summer study abroad program in London. ”The London Eye: City Gazing through Gender, Literature, and Art” (ENGL 393/WMST 480), a  three-week immersion experience in British culture from a literary, gendered, and artistic viewing perspective,is a 5-credit course in which students can earn major or elective credits in English, Women Studies, International Studies, History, Sociology, Art,Non-Profit Leadership, and more.  This course, which also meets 480 Core Interdisciplinary requirement, takes place July 31 – August 20, 2011. Enrollment is limited. To reserve your place, sign up on the sheet located on the door of Casey 501.

    "The London Eye" is one of several study abroad opportunities in the College of Arts and Sciences, which offers 33 undergraduate and 7 advanced degrees.


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