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  • Tung Speaks on Historicity

    December 8, 2010

    English Professor Charles M. Tung presented “Objecthood and Alternate Historicity” at the Modernist Studies Association 12th Annual Conference in Victoria, B.C. in November.  His paper, which examines the critique of the artifactuality in Borges’s “Tlon” and Dick’s alternate history Man in the High Castle, is part of his book project, Reimagining the Present: Modernist Temporalities, Alternate Historicity, and Time Travel.

    Tung, who received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, has been on the Arts and Sciences faculty since 2004.  His scholarship focuses on modernist and contemporary literature, literary and cultural theory, and minority discourses.  Recent writings include “The Future of Literary Criticism:  the Curricularized Classroom and Thick Reading” (in Literary Study, Measurement, and the Sublime:  Disciplinary Assessment, in press) and “Disquieting Time” (Common Knowledge, forthcoming).

    The College of Arts and Sciences offers 33 undergraduate degrees and 7 advanced degrees. The English Department offers undergraduate majors and minors in literature, creative writing, and film studies.



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