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  • Paul Awarded Book Contract on Video Games

    November 4, 2010

    Communication Department  Professor Christopher Paul , who researches digital media, is writing a new book, The Discourse of Video Games: Word Play, for academic publisher Routledge. The book, part of a “New Media and Cyberculture” series, examines how words used to talk about video games and the structures within the games shape gaming persuade, and circulate ideas. Paul also analyzes the social discourse about gaming: the way players are socialized into games; the impact of the association of video games as kid's toys; the dynamics within specific games (including Grand Theft Auto and EA Sports Games); and the ways in which players themselves shape the discourse of games. Publication is planned for 2012.

    Paul’s  scholarship has appeared in Games and Culture, Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, International Journal of Role-Playing, and First Monday. In 2008, he joined the faculty in the Communication Department in the College of Arts and Sciences , which offers specializations in digital communication, digital production, journalism, strategic communications, international/intercultural communication, and media studies.



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