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  • MFA Students Start Sprout: Sustaining Emerging Arts

    October 12, 2010

    Seattle University MFA students Kristen Hoskins and Sarah Steininger have started a collaborative project Sprout: Sustaining Emerging Artists. Sprout is a community grant project that funds emerging Seattle artists.

    Participants pay to attend the Sprout event, where they receive a home-made dinner and vote on a variety of proposed artist projects. The artist who receives the most votes is awarded a grant for further work.

     “There is a real culture of urban agriculture and locally sourced food and restaurants in Seattle,” said Steininger, “and emerging art is a great way to key into that connection.”  

    We had heard about these types of events happening across the country, and we knew Seattle was a great place to bring this project,” Hoskins added. Applicants’ proposals are encouraged to be works that are sustainable, local and forward thinking.

    Whitney Aguirre was the first Sprout grantee for her Central District Women’s Community Dance Classesand was awarded $1,000 to fund her project.  Sprout #2 is currently accepting entries and will be held at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center! To participate please submit your proposals to Sprout by October 24, 2010. The event is for adults 21 and over.

    The MFA in Arts Leadership, one of seven advanced degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, provides future arts leaders with an opportunity to merge the latest management practices of nonprofit organizations with the specific skills necessary to lead complex arts organizations.


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