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  • Mauseth Develops Haiti Mental Health Support Team

    October 4, 2010

    Kira Mauseth, Department of Psychology , returned from her third visit in Haiti where she is developing long-term mental health support for communities in Port-au-Prince. Mauseth, back row, second from the left, is an adjunct professor who has been on the faculty since 2008 and specializes in disaster mental health and abnormal psychology. 

    Working with a team of psychologists, Mauseth developed the Haiti 1:1 Health Support Team. This program teaches local volunteers the basics of psychological first aid, disaster mental health, and techniques and tools they can use to assist and support their fellow citizens. More than 70 Haitians have been trained and are now working in their communities to provide critical mental health services.

    Mauseth returns to Haiti in late October to expand the training program. Using a “train the trainer model” to empower Haitians to teach additional volunteers, she is building a sustainable program of mental health services, an essential component for Haiti’s long-term recovery from the massive January 12 earthquake that devastated the country.

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