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  • Rice publishes Race, Ethnicity, and Policing

    July 5, 2010

    Stephen K. Rice , Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, recently published Race, Ethnicity, and Policing with NYU Press.  The volume looks at racial/ethnic profiling, police bias, and their implications for democracy.  Co-edited with Michael D. White of Arizona State University, the book takes a holistic approach to this complex issue and features chapters by notable experts, including Matthew J. Hickman, also of the SU Department of Criminal Justice. 

    Jeremy Travis, President of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, remarks “This timely and comprehensive volume sheds badly-needed light on the complex interaction between police and communities of color. Few issues rank higher on the nation's justice reform agenda. Get it right, and we enhance police legitimacy and reduce crime; get it wrong, and we create inner city tinderboxes. This formidable compendium of scholarship will help us get it right.”

    Rice joined the College of Arts and Sciences faculty in 2008. His interests coalesce around deference and defiance in individuals' interactions with the justice system.  His publications have focused on racial and ethnic profiling, racial threat, procedural and restorative justice, radicalization, final statements of the condemned, and the empirical assessment of criminological theories which inform these processes. He teaches in both the undergraduate and master’s degree programs.


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