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  • SU Magazine: Soaring as a Sea Gal

    As a cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks, Pia Gillan showcases her passion for dance before an audience of thousands
    by Tina Potterf

    December 8, 2009

    In the thick of the NFL season, one of the hottest—and hardest to snare—tickets in town is to Seattle Seahawks games. No worries for Pia Gillan, though, who has a prime vantage point at Qwest Field every home game this season. The 2009 criminal justice graduate roots for the team as a member of the Sea Gals, the professional cheering squad.

    Although she may be a freshman player on the dance team, Gillan is no beginner. She draws on years of dance that began in a studio in her native Guam.

    “A classmate of mine was in dance and asked me to go,” Gillan, 22, says of her introduction to dance as a fifth grader at the SKIP Entertainment Company.

    For seven years she sharpened her turns and choreography as a member of SKIP, learning a range of dance styles, from jazz to modern. Along the way she also grew as a performer. Any early stage fright faded in time as Gillan danced in competitions in Europe and the mainland United States.



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