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    July 27, 2009

    Carolyn Manning, ’92 MPA, brings a sense of community and normalcy to refugees

    When new families move to Phoenix, Ariz., the city Carolyn Manning calls home, she leads the charge of a unique welcome wagon. But Manning, a 1992 graduate of the Master of Public Administration program, doesn’t come bearing a home baked pie or casserole. Those new to the neighborhood are not your typical transplants—they are refugees who have fled their home countries for fear of persecution or terrorist threats and find themselves in a foreign country, with little means and even fewer possessions. In an effort to ease the often-challenging transition into their new lives in the United States, Manning, with the support of a coalition of volunteers, provides housewares and furniture to transform their sparse digs into real homes.

    The work is part of the Welcome to America Project, a nonprofit Manning founded in 2001 to bring donated furnishings and a sense of community to refugees who are placed in Arizona.

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