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  • People: Russ Lidman - Fulbright

    June 17, 2009

    Russ Lidman (IPS) is currently visiting Nicaragua as a Fulbright Senior Specialist. On June 9th, Russ gave a talk on the current economic crisis in Managua to a group of some hundred-plus public and business leaders, along with students in attendance. Since he indicated the crisis isn't abating for at least this year, and demonstrated why, it picked up a lot of coverage on radio, TV, and in the papers. See

    On June 10, Russ gave a talk to an auditorium full of members of the university community on why and how Obama won the presidential election. Russ noted: “It turns out it is very popular to tell University students that persons of their age made a huge difference, given that the older the voter the more Republican.”


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