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  • Passport to the Arts

    June 17, 2009

    This term, the Creative Writing Program inaugurated a program to get English Majors to attend the various cultural events around campus and in the city like the Writer's Reading Series events, the opera, concerts at Benaroya Hall, museums, free readings at Elliot Bay Bookstore and Open Books Poetry Emporium, theater events at ACT, Seattle Rep, or Intiman Theater etc .

    As the students attended various events, they filled up their passports with the events' tickets or the stickers they received at various on-campus events. On June 6, the department had its first "Passport to the Arts Party,” where the students presented their passports in exchange for lottery tickets—one for every event they attended. Thus, as per the program, students' chances to win great prizes increase with the number of events they attend! To make the program attractive, the department had great lottery prizes like an iPod Shuffle in Passport Blue, iTunes gift card, complete opera CDs, libretto of Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro,” and many more.

    The intent behind the program is to establish a culture of mindful, organized, and habitual arts-attendance because one of the hallmarks of educated people is their support and attendance at cultural events. Besides this, it also makes the English major even more attractive to students. Moving forward, the department might expand this program to students of other majors.

    Overall, this is a great program, as students would have an incentive and motivation to attend the events, which would not only add to their knowledge pool but would also give them a chance to win great prizes. We wish the English Department a very good luck for the success of the program!


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