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  • New Director of Student Convocation and Salons Program

    April 30, 2009

    Dr. Sharon Suh, Associate Professor in the Theology and Religious Studies Department, has been selected as the 2009-2011 Director of the New Student Academic Convocation and Salons Program.

    Dr. Suh received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in Religious Studies, has been a member of the Seattle University faculty since 2000, and served as the director of the Asian Studies Program from 2004-2008.

    An expert on Buddhism, religion and gender, and Asian American religious experiences, Dr. Suh’s publications include Being Buddhist in a Christian World: Gender and Community in a Korean American Temple (University of Washington Press, 2004).

    As Director of this program, Dr. Suh will introduce the incoming first-year students to the intellectual world of academe and engage the entire university community in dialogue on the theme of “Religion and Social Change.”

    During her two-year term she will focus on the intersections of religion and law, human rights, medicine, environmental sustainability, and race and gender.


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