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  • Social Work Program Reaffirmed

    By Mary Kay Brennan

    April 8, 2009

    In February 2009, Seattle University's Baccalaureate Social Work Program's accreditation was reaffirmed for 8 years by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE). This notable milestone was awarded after the submittal of a comprehensive written Self Study externally reviewed by peers and a site visit in October. The reaffirmation was made without any conditions or interim report we are told is unusual for new programs. In the areas evaluated by the CSWE site visitor, (i.e., mission, goals, curriculum, diverse learning context, and program assessment), the program received all strengths, a very significant accolade.

    Upon arrival, Dr. Joe Anderson stated that he essentially came to see if we were doing what we described in our Self Study, given how strong our program was on paper. The program's functioning is only as good as its faculty ...kudos and thanks for written sections and day to day implementation of the curriculum to Prof. Riva Zeff, Dr. Ruth White, Prof. Gerson Kleinberg, and Dr. Madeline Lovell.

    We have known since the beginning that the Social Work program was a very strong mission fit and hence would thrive here at SU. Our students have confirmed that their preparation is solid, rigorous, and distinctively Jesuit. They consistently excel in the field as noted by their MSW preceptors; and academically, evidenced by acceptance in the top tier of MSW programs across the country (i.e., BC, Loyola of Chicago, Smith, Columbia, Michigan). They overwhelming note and highlight their salient commitment to the mission of social justice.

    Our Social Work program is the result of the vision and work by Dr. Madeline Lovell, Dr. Chuck Lawrence, Dean Wallace Loh and Provost Eshelman. Interim Dean Paulette Kidder and Dr. Jodi O'Brien were very supportive throughout our self study process and we had the valued assistance of Sally Hogan, Mary Sepulveda, Shannon Wadkins and Gerald Hansen. Our Program Assistant, Mary Gatliff, kept us grounded and organized the myriad of tasks that needed completion.


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