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  • Honors Northwest: A New Collaboration

    March 16, 2009

    Directors of four honors programs in the Puget Sound area agreed to form “Honors Northwest.” Participant Universities include Seattle University, represented by Paul Kidder, Director Core Honors Program), PLU, SPU, and UPS.

    Honors Northwest will create the opportunity for local program directors to share administrative experiences and insights for the betterment of all of their programs, and provide the means of organizing an annual inter-collegiate symposium for undergraduate research for the students of its honors programs.

    Directors currently plan to meet twice a year to compare their experiences in directing the programs. It is anticipated that the programs can benefit from shared insight on such issues as admissions and enrollment, curriculum design, pedagogy, budgeting, faculty development, advising, and assessment. Participating programs will take turns hosting these meetings.

    The Honors Northwest Research Symposium

    The Honors Norwest Research Symposium will take place annually during the fall. This symposium will be a forum for honors undergraduate research and will be a means of recognizing the high quality of research and writing that honors students can produce. Selected students from the participating programs will give papers and panel presentations developed out of their honors studies. It will be a one-day conference, sponsored in part by the hosting institution and in part by a modest participation fee.

    During the academic year of 2009-10, the participating programs will develop their means of selecting presenters and students will prepare their research. The first Symposium will take place in fall of 2010.


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