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  • Seattle University Professor Goes E-broad

    February 24, 2009

    Yvonne Harrison, Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership, recently completed a Global Solidarity Network (GSN) study e-broad session on Peace in Israel and Palestine. Yvonne represents Seattle University on the GSN Study e-Broad Team with representatives from Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Villanova, and Cabrini College who work together to develop and manage adoption of the program on Catholic university campuses. As Seattle University’s site administrator, Yvonne recruits and trains faculty participants on campus as well as participates in the sessions. Three of her classes participated this past winter quarter: 39 students from Boards and Volunteers, and 20 students from Nonprofit Governance. Seattle University will be participating in the next study e-broad session coming April 14-24.


    Preliminary Results

    • 21 faculty recruits from 5 universities with 785 students enrolled
    • 1,203 student comments were posted on-line.
    • 5 live webcasts reaching approx 375 students.


    Student Comments

    "I have to admit that this is my first real effort to learn about and understand the Arab Israeli conflict. It's not that I didn't care before, it's just that the problem seemed to daunting and impossible to solve. Both sides feel as if they have lost a lot, and both sides know they will have to give up something in order to make peace. The videos and essays were helpful in breaking down this complex problem into more understandable pieces. The solution will come when both sides feel that they are being heard and validated in their beliefs and wants."

    Amy Spencer
    Seattle University

    Contact Information
    Yvonne Harrison
    Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership
    College of Arts and Sciences
    Seattle University

    More information about the Global Solidarity Network can be found at


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