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  • Holiday Networking Dos, Don'ts and How Tos

    For the 20+ years I have been coaching people in transition, the statistics haven’t changed much.  The 80/20 rule still applies just as it did before the internet and social media.  The best way to create a new work opportunity for yourself continues to be through the people you know—in both blue collar and white collar roles.  How you spend your time looking for new roles should align with these statistics.  This means that you should be connecting with people 80% of the time.  If you are spending a majority of your time passively cruising the digital space and applying for jobs, you have it upside down. 

    Our topic for this month’s SU Advantage | Networking Group is on Holiday Networking.  Because this time of year is often more social, it is your perfect opportunity to practice your networking skills and to activate the principle of “ask and you shall receive.”  Join us to practice networking in a warm and invitational space with your SU colleagues, and to learn some practical tips for networking and messaging in a way that moves your career forward. 

    A Focus on Holiday Networking—Dos, Don’ts and How-Tos
    December 5 | 8:00- 9:30 a.m.

    Seattle University | Pigott Building | Puget Power Room 416

    A Focus on Holiday Networking—Dos, Don’ts and How-Tos
    December 6 | 12:00-1:00 p.m.

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