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  • Holiday Networking Dos, Don'ts and How Tos

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/4/2013 03:30:21 PM

    For the 20+ years I have been coaching people in transition, the statistics haven’t changed much.  The 80/20 rule still applies just as it did before the internet and social media.  The best way to create a new work opportunity for yourself continues to be through the people you know—in both blue collar and white collar roles.  How you spend your time looking for new roles should align with these statistics.  This means that you should be connecting with people 80% of the time.  If you are spending a majority of your time passively cruising the digital space and applying for jobs, you have it upside down. 

    Our topic for this month’s SU Advantage | Networking Group is on Holiday Networking.  Because this time of year is often more social, it is your perfect opportunity to practice your networking skills and to activate the principle of “ask and you shall receive.”  Join us to practice networking in a warm and invitational space with your SU colleagues, and to learn some practical tips for networking and messaging in a way that moves your career forward. 

    A Focus on Holiday Networking—Dos, Don’ts and How-Tos
    December 5 | 8:00- 9:30 a.m.

    Seattle University | Pigott Building | Puget Power Room 416

    A Focus on Holiday Networking—Dos, Don’ts and How-Tos
    December 6 | 12:00-1:00 p.m.

    Register for webinar today.

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    Magis: Alumni Living the Mission(1)

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/4/2013 03:18:09 PM

    St. Nicholas Blessing Prayer
    St. Nicholas, holy patron of children,
    Bishop of the East,
    we invite you to come among us
    and to grant us your holy blessing.

    Help us in this busy, busy season
    not to miss the miracle of the coming of Emmanuel
    in the days of preparation
    as well as on the feast itself.
    Help us not to be blind
    to the gifts of getting ready.

    Protect us from insincerity.
    May every greeting we send
    be signed with love, friendship, and prayer.
    May our greetings, so written,
    be fun to open and treasures to keep.

    Kind St. Nicholas,
    protect us from shopper’s fatigue.
    Show us how to take delight in the marketplace,
    now transformed in beauty, lights and music.
    Save us from all anxiety over what to give
    so that we may concentrate on how to give.

    Stand by the stepladder
    as we decorate our homes and trees and lives.
    May not our decorations be mute
    but rather singing symbols,
    sacred signs of the evergreen coming of the Lord
    of Life.

    Help us to remember that mistletoe, holly
    and all other ornaments of the season,
    were sacred signs to ancient believers.

    But, most of all, jolly saint of toys and sweets,
    help us to stay youthful, humorous, playful and
    as we prepare together for the coming of Christ
    with Advent longing.

    St. Nicholas, pray for us.

    St. Nicholas

    Author Edward Hayes so beautifully captures the joy, tension, and excitement of the holiday season in his prayer to St. Nicholas, a saint who happened to commit his life to service towards those in need and suffering, and whose  feast day is celebrated December 6th.

    In our modern living, we may become overwhelmed by the amount of numerous holiday festivities to attend, or the pressures of commercialization and finding the “perfect” gift (“Save us from all anxiety over what to give so that we may concentrate on how to give”). However, we are called to “not to be blind to the gifts of getting ready.” As we enter into the liturgical season of Advent, a time of joy and anticipation, Magis invites you to consider ways to stay mindful in the process of giving and celebrating. Where are the moments to make the most mundane of things – like gift wrapping  or setting the dinner table for family and friends – sacred? Where might you look to give a little more in time, talent, or treasure? Just as Hayes gently nudges us, we are being graced with an opportunity to be mindful in the midst of it all, especially in the everyday moments. This serves also as a reminder that this season we start with gratitude, and from there choose to be generative, abundant, and of service with our love – not only during this time of year, but all year round.

    As a special invitation for this month, we encourage you to join us on December 7th at Seattle U for our annual Justice Education Forum – just another way to honor the spirit of St. Nicholas! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or Festivus, we at Magis send you our greetings of joy and peace this holiday season.

    Alumni Spotlight: John Paul Fukumae

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/2/2013 11:10:22 AM

    “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.” - Marc Anthony

    John PaulJohn Paul Fukumae is a 2011 Seattle University grad who loves what he does for a living-and we really can’t blame him. John works for NBC Universal doing publicity for the Home Entertainment Department. His projects include promotional campaigns for such releases as “Despicable Me 2” and “Fast & Furious 6.” 

    “A big part of publicity is building awareness for the consumers and getting national coverage for our Blu-rays. Publicity allows me to be a part of many different creative elements such as having unique press day experiences, building partnerships with top-level brands and working with talent from the movies in support of the DVD release,” John said.

    One of John’s favorite memories, was when he got to meet Tom Cruise. “He threw a thank you luncheon for the people working on Oblivion and when I introduced myself and shook his hand he ‘personally’ thanked me for my work on the campaign. Not bad for one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood,” John shared.

    But how did John end up in what one might describe as a dream job? A large part is in thanks to Seattle University.

    “To put it simply, I wouldn't have made it out to LA doing what I love if it wasn't for Seattle University.” When John started college he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. But after attending career counseling, pre-major workshops and sessions, he was able to find his passion. And with the direction of one professor in particular, he was able to turn that passion into a career.

    “Professor James Forsher paved the path for me in entertainment and set up so many opportunities for me to succeed. By shadowing him as he produced TV shows and helping out with documentaries, I was able to learn these skills on my own and figure out what it takes to be successful in this industry.”

    John has channeled his passion into a side project entitled 'The Always Summer Project,' a YouTube Channel dedicated to educating and inspiring people to chase after their own goals with passion and creativity, as told by those who turned their dreams into reality and are doing what they love for a living.

    As someone who has found a success doing what he loves, John has this advice for alumni just entering the job market.

    “Love what you do and show your passion. You'll be working for basically the rest of your life so choose a career path that's gratifying, satisfying and brings purpose to your life. I've equally met a lot of unhappy and happy people so make sure you're the latter. Work hard, start early and build your network as soon as you can.”

    Are you a Seattle U graduate with a great story to tell? Send us an email telling us a little more about yourself and you might just end up in the next SU Voice.


    Student Alumni Ambassadors

    Posted by Caitlin Joyce on 12/2/2013 11:05:29 AM


    Nina Cataldo is a junior at Seattle University and vice president for the student club, Student Alumni Ambassadors, affectionately called SAAs. The club strives to connect Seattle University students to alumni.

    “I got involved with the group as a freshman attending the club fair. I was thinking about my future even then and knew it was a great opportunity to network with alumni and develop professionally,” Nina said.

    Caity Hoover, current grad student and club adviser shared that, “SAA’s devotion to Seattle University is especially significant because they are the driving force behind connecting the SU community with its past, present and future. They earnestly want to develop and expand the relationship between Seattle University’s alumni and current student body. Without their efforts and their voice, current students would not know about the amazingly supportive community they have waiting outside the walls of the university.”

    As VP for the club and incoming president, Nina has come to love the community SAA has exposed her to. “I’ll attend events and talk to alumni who’ve graduated long ago, but here we are generations of Seattle U alumni coming together around our shared values and pride in our school.”

    Nina has big plans for the future of SAA. She wants to improve the awareness of SAAs  so that when students want to connect with alumni, their first thought is automatically SAA, and the same can be said for alumni. If alumni are looking for an event or opportunity to connect with the student body, she hopes the club is at the top of their list as a resource. The first step in achieving this goal is a joint mixer between the young alumni group, Seattle U Bridge, and the Student Alumni Ambassadors.  “Even as a freshman I had hoped to develop some sort of mentor element to the club and I’m hoping the Seattle U Bridge can help make that a reality,” Nina shared.

    Susan Vosper, alumna and Assistant Vice President of Seattle University Alumni Association sees the SAAs as an enriching part of the student experience. “It is one of the best ways to help our students build their leadership skills and experiences. As a member of SAA, students are given the opportunity to work closely with individuals from various departments at the University, plus have the chance to network with Seattle U alumni from various professional fields.  For our alumni association, we are building the next generation of alumni leaders.”

    On behalf of SAA, Nina would like to invite the alumni to engage students. “If you see us at an event we’d love to have a conversation with you. We  want to hear your stories and share ours with you.” Nina also has a request for our established alumni. “It would be really valuable if alumni volunteered their time to come and speak with us and to share advice to help prepare us for life outside of college.”

    So the next time you see a group of students at an alumni event, say hello and share your Seattle U story. You’ll be engaging them in their future as an alum and preparing them for the world beyond Seattle U’s walls.