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    Frequently Asked Questions about the Alumni Audit Program


    What is Alumni Audit?
    Alumni Audit is a program that allows Seattle University Alumni to attend Seattle University undergraduate classes for a fee of $55 each.

    Where does the money go?
    Funds received for the Alumni Audit program go to support the operations of the Seattle University Alumni Association.

    Do I receive credit for the class?
    No, you do not receive credit for an audited course. Alumni audits are unofficial, and no records are kept.  

    How do I sign up?
    Fill out an Alumni Audit application completely. You must acquire the professor’s signature to sign up. Alumni audits are at the discretion of the instructor. Return the signed application with the fee to the Seattle University Alumni Relations Office in the SU's new Alumni & Admissions building at the corner of 12th Avenue & East Marion.

    Alumni Audit Restrictions:
    Audits are encouraged in the college/school from which you graduated. Courses are open on a space available basis only. Audit opportunities apply only to the lecture portion of the class; labs cannot be audited. Certain graduate-level programs do not allow audits, including Albers School of Business and Law.

    Please call  (206) 220-8443. or email the Office of Alumni Relations with any questions.

  • In compliance with state immunization laws, Seattle University requires all students/staff/faculty enrolled in undergraduate courses to provide documentation that they have had two doses of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), a Tetanus booster in the last 10 years, and the three doses of the Hepatitis B series. Proof of vaccination must be provided to the Student Health Center and an official signature from that office must be obtained.