Alumni Benefits

Alumni Email

  • Alumni studySigning up for an SU Alumni email address is simple and we hope you take advantage of this great new benefit!  If you are already registered in our online alumni directory, skip that section and go straight to the SU Alumni email steps.

    Only Seattle University alumni may sign up for the Online Alumni Directory or receive an SU Alumni email address. Check your alumni status.

    Sign up for the SU Alumni Online Directory

    Visit SU's Alumni Online Directory and sign up for an account by following the "New User Registration" link. You will be asked to provide information about yourself so we can verify your alumni status. You will receive an email confirmation with your Alumni Online Directory username and password immediately, but you won't be able to access the directory until we verify your alumni status. This process takes no longer than 2 business days.

      Next, sign up for your SU Alumni Email:
    1. Log into the directory and go to the SU Alumni Email page.
    2. On the SU directory page, you will see the alumni email address you will be assigned if you choose to sign up.
    3. Under the SU Alumni Email sign up section, create your Alumni Email password. This needs to be at least 8 characters long.
    4. If asked, enter your SU username and password. This is an extra identity verification step for those recent graduates who still have an SU account.
    5. Click the "Opt-In" button.
    6. Complete the password enrollment steps. You'll be asked to provide answers to several security questions of your choice. Important: If you don't complete these steps, you will not be able to retrieve your SU Alumni Email password if it is forgotten.
    7. Click the "Enroll" button when finished.

    You're registered!

    Your alumni email account will be ready to use within an hour after signing up. Access your new alumni email account via the Alumni Email page or open it directly at

      You will need to provide your Windows Live account username and password. This username is your new SU alumni email address and the password was the one you created in step 3 above. Remember, if you have another Windows Live account, you will need to sign in under your new alumni account.