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  • Making the Most of Summer Vacation

    The concept of “summer vacation” doesn’t exist in the real world. As a senior graduating in two short weeks, the reality of this statement is finally starting to hit me. Unless I become a professor, this is the last summer vacation I will ever have. Not to be dramatic, but after 16 years of carefree, three month-long summers, the prospect of having to work in an office for 40 hours a week when it’s 70 degrees outside seems pretty bleak. Never again will my summer days consist of morning beach time, an afternoon water fight (plus Popsicle break), then a leisurely evening of reading in the warm air.

    But this post isn’t to bemoan the realities of the summer vacation-free working world; it’s to encourage you undergrads to savor your remaining summers! I’ve worked full-time every summer since I was 16 years old, so I’ve had to figure out how to enjoy my summer anyways. For those of you with summer internships or jobs, here’s how:

    • Don’t let your workday stress you out! Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have homework and try to disconnect from work once you leave for the day. You’ll be happier and more productive if you leave work where it belongs: the office.
    • Get out and have fun in the evenings after work. I know it’s tempting to lie on the couch after a long day, but go make some fun memories instead. Here are some low-key activities to get you out and about in the evening:
      • Go for a leisurely bike ride along a nice bike path. There are plenty in Seattle!
      • Catch those last rays of sun and head to the park to read, throw a Frisbee, or just sit and chat.
      • Go for a run or walk to someplace new: a coffee shop, a pretty viewpoint, a different neighborhood, etc.
      • Go to happy hour! It’s a fun way to unwind after a tough day and even if you’re not 21, you can fill up on delicious (and cheap!) bites to eat. Check out some of Seattle’s best happy hours here.
      • Go see an outdoor play or movie. From Shakespeare in the Park to movies like Pitch Perfect, Seattle has it all!
    • Take weekend trips – you’ll feel like you’re really on vacation if you get a change of scenery. Whether that’s going home to spend a weekend with family, going hiking on the Olympic Peninsula, taking the train to Portland, or heading out to a friend’s cabin, it's refreshing to get away from your daily life and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

    I hope this helps you take full advantage of your summer vacation this year! Enjoy your friends, get out in the sunshine, and relax before the new school year begins.

    Margaux Helm | New Student Mentor


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