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  • Advice to Incoming Freshmen

    Posted by Molly Morrisey on 7/31/2012 09:36:13 AM
    In the spirit of the 1,000 new students that were on campus two weeks ago attending Summer in Seattle sessions, I came up with five pieces of advice I would go back and give the freshman year Molly Morrisey if I could.    
    1. Get good grades your freshman year. Class-wise, it will be your easiest year of college. You’ll thank yourself when you get into your higher level classes and have something to cushion your GPA.
    2. Stay on top of your classes. Smart kids fail classes, I’ve seen it. Be aware of the grades you get on assignments so that when you get a bad grade you can improve your understanding before you are tested again.  Don’t let yourself get halfway through the quarter without knowing what your overall grade is in a class.   
    3. Find a mentor or just an older person who has done it before.  Your OAs, RAs, NSMs, and advisors are all there to help make your academic and personal transition to college as smooth as possible.  The most important thing is that this older person is someone who knows you well, is able to answer your questions, and can let you know about opportunities and resources that may be helpful to you in your personal and career goals.  
    4. Don’t latch on to a group of friends right away.  Most people will do this.  Spend your first few months of college meeting as many people as possible before deciding which people you want to spend your time with.  It is easier to do this than to choose first and realize later that the group of friends you’ve been spending so much time with isn’t right for you. 
    5. Find something that fulfills you.  Never again will you have the time and resources available to you that you have right now all in one place.  If you intend to graduate and pursue a job or graduate school, then these four years are the most free time you will have in the predictable future.  Use that free time.  Through college and through all of life, there will be many ups and downs and I have found it most comforting through all of those times to have something that grounds me.  I keep up something that I love as a constant to support me during my happiest times and uplift me during my most challenging times.  The Jesuits give special emphasis to the education of the whole person and, true to this mission, SU provides students with many opportunities to continue their education outside the classroom.  Some of my most enriching times in college have been because of such experiences.  As a result, I hope that you take some time during these next four years to find something besides your classes that you truly love. 

    Best wishes in your search and in navigating through freshman year,

    Molly Morrisey, Business Economics and Humanities Major