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  • New Student Mentor Application Process to Begin Next Week!

    Posted by Sheryn Crater on 2/27/2013 10:48:59 AM

    How would you like an opportunity to make a difference in the educational experience of freshman business students at Seattle University? The Albers School is recruiting business and economics majors, who will be junior or senior standing by fall quarter 2013, to serve as New Student Mentors (NSM's). We are looking for responsible students who have good communication skills, leadership potential, and are interested in advising and mentoring freshman students. 

    This rewarding and exciting leadership position looks great on your resume! We have several positions available.  New Student Mentors currently earn $9.45 per hour and work five hours a week, fall through spring quarters. We do require that NSM's have three quarters of course work completed at SU by the end of spring quarter 2013 and carry a minimum of 3.0 cumulative and 3.0 Business GPA.

     If you are interested, please pick up an application and reference form in Pigott 318 starting March 4, 2013 and return it by April 3, 2013.    Questions can be directed to Dhorea Brown at

    Read about Taryn Loo's experience as a New Student Mentor.  Taryn is a junior Management major with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.     

    Being a New Student Mentor means so much more to me than just being a scheduling mentor to freshman and transfer students. It means being open, approachable, friendly, kind, understanding, compassionate, enthusiastic, and professional all at the same time. My experience thus far has been amazing, getting to know all my mentees on a personal level, talking on the phone with them through the stress of registration and trying to make it as smooth as possible, being timely with e-mails, making sure each student knows that he/she has a direction and goal to work towards, and letting them know that their ideas truly matter and that each individual is very important to composing the Albers School of Business and Economics.  

    Through this experience so far I’ve learned how to better manage my time throughout the day. I thought I possessed good time management skills already, but after having seventeen mentees to take care of, school full-time, and extra curricular activities I’ve learned that time is so precious and it is easy to get flustered when so many things hit you at once. I now live by my planner; it has my whole schedule written out and is my checklist to assure me that I have done everything necessary to prepare for what’s ahead.  

    It is such an amazing feeling to know that you have helped a student solve a rough problem that almost every student faces. The Albers School of Business and Economics is the only undergraduate school that offers student mentors to their new business students. It is such a helpful process because registration can be so hectic, but having an NSM can help to ease that anxiety. It is also very helpful in making new students feel more at ease talking to peers about their college experience, advisors are so awesome don’t get me wrong, but it’s more of an equal field and a bit of a more comfortable environment talking through a problem or difficulty with someone going through the same experience as you at the same time. Being an NSM has been such a rewarding experience and it truly makes my day meeting with my mentees and personally getting to know them on a deeper level. Friendships are established and communication is open for many years to come! I couldn’t have dreamt of a better college job than being an NSM!  


    NSM Taryn  



    Posted by Sheryn Crater on 2/13/2013 03:44:29 PM

    We hope this week has been good to you and you are all making it through your midterms without too much stress! A couple of reminders for you as Registration will begin next week for spring quarter. 

    FRESHMAN:  You MUST meet with your New Student Mentor (NSM) to release your advising hold.  If you do not meet with them, you will not be able to register for spring courses. 

    TRANSFER STUDENTS: If this is your first or second quarter at Seattle University, you must meet with an advisor to release your advising hold.  Our schedules are full for the rest of the week, but we have two Graduate Assistants who have limited hours available on Thursday and Friday of this week.  Please call the front desk at 206-296-5700 or stop by Pigott 318 to schedule an appointment. We will not lift these advising holds during our Registration walk-ins, so you will need to meet with someone prior to Registration.  


    TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: 9:00 am-12:00 pm & 12:30 pm-3:30 pm

    FRIDAY: 9:00 am-12:00 pm & 12:30 pm-4:00 pm

    *These walk-in hours are for quick questions regarding registration questions and adjusting your schedule.  We WILL NOT be able to add you into a closed class during this week.  You will need to fill out a closed class form at the front desk-Pigott 318.  


    If there is a business class that is full at the time you can register you have to fill out a closed class form.  The advisors will evaluate those forms the following week and add students as we are able to.  Please do not come to walk-in hours to ask us to get you into a course.  You will need to follow the process.  

    If you have a CORE course that is full, you can either come to our walk-in hours or visit Core Solutions to resolve the issue.  

    If you are trying to get into a MATH course, you will need to visit the Math Department to be put on a wait list.  (Albers does not keep wait lists for courses)

    Please check your student restrictions all the way up to your registration appointment to ensure your ability to schedule courses on time.  Courses fill up quickly, so it is important for you to resolve all holds prior to registration. 

    If you are unsure of when you can register, you can find your REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT by logging onto SU online.  There is a link under Registration for your Registration Appointment.  

    Students who have a hold in reference to the EXCEL Certification will need to come to walk-in hours during Registration Week for help registering for the spring quarter.

    Students should expect our walk-in hours to be especially busy this quarter, please plan accordingly and be patient as you may have to wait to see an advisor.   

    We would like to send our congratulations to Suzanne Jayne-Jensen on the birth of her son February 4th.  Both are happy and healthy! 











    Gear Up Provides Insight

    Posted by Jordan Ollee on 2/8/2013 05:07:49 PM

    The Freshman Gear Up Event held Thursday, February 7 had a record of 80 freshmen in attendance. Thank you to Russell Aivazian and Molly Morrisey for a great event, insightful information, and delicious sliders. All those who attended heard from three remarkable faculty members who teach 200 level undergraduate classes: Dr. Dean Peterson (ECON 271), Dr. Bryan Ruppert (MGMT 280), and Dr. Valentina Zamora (ACCT 230/1).

    All three professors brought up important facts that will help freshman as you begin business core classes and continue your education at Albers.


    1. Visit During Office Hours. It is not enough to sit in the back of the room and take notes.Engage during class and visit your professors during their office hours; not only are you taking advantage of the resources given to you, but creating a connection that will benefit you in the future when you need recommendations or advice.


    1. Your Personality and Point of View Add to Your Success. Your personality and point of view are assets; they allow you to be successful and grow. Albers business foundation courses provide undergraduates with a view into the different business fields; take advantage of this opportunity and engage fully in each class to discover what major and field inspire you. At the end of the day, you will be more successful when you are passionate about the topics you are studying.


    1. Common Practice Is Not Best Practice. Common practice does not necessarily mean that the regular way is the best way, whether you are writing an email or driving a car. Take action and do not accept common practice as your best practice. Taking Business Communications with Dr. Ruppert will teach you all about the best practice for communicating effectively in business world.


    There are unlimited resources that will only make a positive impact on your experience. Actively seek out faculty, classes, and resources that will help you better engage and find passion in your education. I am thankful for the faculty, staff, and students who have helped and encouraged me throughout my four years at Seattle University.


      -  Jordan Ollée, NSM


    Posted by Sheryn Crater on 2/5/2013 08:54:57 AM

    Yesterday was the start to Advising Period for spring registration!  It is hard to believe it is time to start thinking about spring quarter, but we are already several weeks into the quarter!  Below are some reminders, so please make sure you read below as there is important information. 

    ADVISING PERIOD:  February 4-February 15.  

    • Advising Period is a time for you to meet with your advisor to go over your long term plan, as well as, look at course options for the spring quarter.  Our calendars are already filling up, so please try to schedule early!
    • TRANSFER STUDENTS:  You are required to meet with your advisor for the first two quarters you are at Seattle University.  Fall and winter quarter transfers must meet with an advisor to release your advising hold.  We will not release this hold during registration, so please schedule your appointment now! 
    • FRESHMAN:  You must meet with your New Student Mentor (NSM) this quarter to release your winter advising hold.  Even if you have met with your academic advisor, you will still need to meet with your NSM! 
    • You should be receiving an email with your Registration Appointment soon; if you miss this email you can always find your Registration Appointment on SU online.  


    • TRANSFER STUDENTS:  Fall quarter Transfer students must have completed their Excel Certification.  If you have not passed the certification, your registration date will be delayed.  You need to make sure you have scheduled a test date prior to registration.  


    There are lots of events going on this week, make sure you are a part of them! 

    Freshman:  Thursday, February 7th is the Gear-Up Event.  This is a mandatory event for all freshmen.  Join us in Pigott 103 from 12:25-1:25 pm to learn about what to expect from your sophomore year.  Lunch is provided.  RSVP with your NSM

    Thursday, February 7thInternship Fair in Campion Ballroom from 11:00 am-2:00 pm.  See a list of attending organizations in the Redhawk Network:

    Thursday, February 7thExecutive Speaker Series:  John McAdam, President, CEO & Director of F5 Networks, “From Surviving to Thriving:  The F5 Story, “  Pigott Auditorium, 5:30 pm.



    The Importance of a Relationship

    Posted by Russell Aivazian on 2/1/2013 09:28:50 PM
    The Importance of a Relationship  

    Throughout the last year, I have been faced with the daunting task of applying for graduate school.  As the deadlines crept closer, I began to identify those professors and professionals who could write me a recommendation, highlighting my skills and achievements inside and outside the classroom.  As I narrowed down the list, I knew I had a problem:  I hadn't made a "real" connection with a professor after their class had concluded.  Because most grad programs require faculty recommendations in order to profile your work inside the classroom, I knew I had to identify those professors who I connected with the most. 

    In my opinion, my greatest joy of being a business student is the amazing professors we have at the business school.  The most important thing about being a professional is making sure you keep positive connections at every turn.  Professors in the Albers school care about their students and serve as wonderful resources for job opportunities as well as mentors, no matter what field you choose.  Throughout my grad school search, I learned some important lessons about maintaining a relationship with your professor:


    1. Stay connected after you complete your class. Even though your class may be over, the connection is definitely not.  Most professors keep extensive records on your performance and are interesting people outside of the classroom.  My suggestion is to start a connection with your professor during their class and continue meeting with them throughout the academic year.  Stop by their office hours, exchange emails and articles, and seek help at any stage of your career development.
    2. Get to know your faculty mentor.  Every sophomore and above business student is assigned a faculty mentor in their field of study in order to maintain a connection with a business professional.  Profs and pizza is a great way to connect with your mentor and see some of your long lost business school friends.
    3. Send a "thank you" note to a professor who you felt was exemplary. You would send a note for someone who sends you a gift; why not give one to your professor?  It will definitely get that relationship going and will make your scholarship memorable.


    I was blessed to have such accommodating and relatable professors who took interest in my development.  Follow these simple tips and you will take the most advantage of your relationship with your professor…you never know when you will need them!


    -Russell Aivazian, NSM