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    Posted by Sheryn Crater on 11/27/2012 10:02:52 AM


    The Albers school of Business and Economics offers several majors under the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree.  One of those majors is Management.  Below is some information about the Management major that you may not know.  Please contact Greg Prussia ( for more specific information about the Management major or Shery Crater (, the Management major advisor, to talk more about how this major can fit into your academic plan. 

    The Management major offers exposed to the primary areas of management through a combination of required and elective courses.  Majors can also specialize in one of the following areas: 

    LEADERSHIP- learn how to effectively and purposefully influence others-individually and in teams-to generate positive changes for the greater good. 

    Suggested Courses:  MGMT 471 Adventure Based Leadership (required for all MGMT majors) &  MGMT 383 Organizational Behavior, MGMT 491 Managing Work Teams (These are all MGMT electives)

    HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM)- enhance your knowledge of how organizations attract, develop, and retain high performing employees in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    Suggested Courses:  MGMT 383 Human Resource Management (required for all MGMT majors) & MGMT 477  Managing Diversity (MGMT elective)

    INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT-get prepared for today's global workforce through learning how to leverage differences and maximize working relationships across cultures.

    Suggested Courses:  MGMT 486 International Management & MGMT 491 Special Topics:  China (both MGMT electives)

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP- learn how to generate and develop your ideas for owning, evaluating, and operating your own business. 

    Suggested Courses:  MGMT 379 Entrepreneurship Essentials & MGMT 479 Business Plan Development (both MGMT electives)

    Please also note that the above represent suggested courses sequences only (flexibility is a strength of the major and various combinations of courses can be suggested to suit your interests and needs).

    Management majors often take careers in human resource management, general consulting, industrial production management, health services management, and arts and entertainment management just to name a few.  Recent graduates have been placed in the following positions/companies:

    Senior Consultant-Hitatchi Consulting; Network Operations Manager-Microsoft; General Analyst-The Boeing Company; Junior Compliance Analyst-F5 Networks; Development Associate-New Futures; & Consultant-Advaiya

    The Finals Fever

    Posted by Russell Aivazian on 11/26/2012 03:17:12 PM

    Are you nervous about the week before finals? Anxious about finals week itself? Ready for Winter break? If your answer is "yes" to all these questions, you might have caught the "Finals Fever".

    But, do not worry! You are not alone. Many Albers undergraduates come across the "Finals Fever" in the last two weeks of the quarter. The key to overcome it is to follow a few simple tips and tricks:

    1. Manage your time. You can use a weekly planner, make "to-do" lists, and set up micro-goals to make sure you are on track. This will keep you from being overwhelmed, and stop you from procrastinating. You can also create a rewards-system for yourself, in which you can reward yourself with a "5-minute YouTube video break" or "15-minute walk" after completing a task.
    2. Take a break. Whether you have a paper due the next morning or a group presentation due in one week, you need a break! Go have a meal with your friends, socialize about non-academic topics, and enjoy yourself to relieve your stress and worry.
    3. Stay healthy. Sleep well, eat well, and exercise. Make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, so that you are able to function in your last few classes and your finals. In addition, try having a salad or sandwich, instead of the usual hamburger and fries at Cherry Street Market, and hit the treadmill at the Recreation Center. Eating healthy and exercising will help you stay energized!
    4. Study with a buddy. When stressed, stick with the best! Grab a study buddy to help you stay focused and motivated throughout your studying process. Both of you can benefit from reviewing together, quizzing each other, and helping one another when stuck.
    5. Use your campus resources. The Lemieux Library, the McGoldrick Learning Commons (2nd floor library), and professors' office hours are all very important campus resources that you should utilize and benefit from.

    Once completing these tips and tricks, remind yourself of what keeps you motivated. If it's your family, give them a call. If it's an off-campus adventure, go try a new coffee place to study at. If it's a friend, make them your study buddy.

    Then, the "Finals Fever" will disappear, and you will be prepared for what is to come. You have already made it this far into Fall quarter. Finish strong!


    Priyal Zaveri, New Student Mentor

    Count Your Blessings

    Posted by Yeajin Park on 11/19/2012 01:57:59 PM

    With Thanksgiving Break this week, my mindset has mainly focused on how greatly needed this break is, not on why we have Thanksgiving off. Therefore, I’ve realized that maybe I should begin a list of things I am grateful for.

    To start, I am thankful for my family. Without the love and support I receive from them, I would not be here in Seattle today. My morals and beliefs all stem from what I’ve learned from them, and I am eternally grateful for my family.

    I am thankful for my professors, Albers, Seattle University, and everything related to school. It’s truly incredible how much I’ve learned and grown since I first came to Seattle in September 2010. Of course, there were some classes that I enjoyed more than others.  Even in the classes that I didn’t like as much, however, I learned to think a little differently and become a little wiser. In addition, without the help and support from Albers resources such as the Albers Placement Center in helping hone my resume or from my professors in writing me recommendation letters, I would never have had the confidence to apply for jobs like my current NSM position. I am so grateful to attend a university that cares about its students.

    I am thankful for friends. Without them, being at school would be so much bleaker. One of my favorite quotes is: “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust. It couldn’t have been said more perfectly. My friends make my heart swell with love, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

    Finally, I am thankful for my health. I’ve been incredibly fortunate in never having to go to the Student Health Center because I’ve never been too sick (*knock on wood*). However, if you happen to be sick, don’t hesitate to visit the office! And if you’d rather prevent rather than treat, flu shots are available there for $15.

    Of course, the list could go on and on, but I thought I’d just share a couple with our blog readers. I am grateful that you took the time to read this! Have a safe, relaxing, wonderful, and food-filled Thanksgiving Break!

    - Jane Park, New Student Mentor

    Your Registration Checklist

    Posted by Molly Morrisey on 11/15/2012 11:01:46 AM

    It's that time of the quarter again: registration time.  You prepare for it by researching your class options, meeting with your advisor, and making schedules and back up schedules.  Here are a few steps to take to ensure a successful registration: 

    1. Make sure you have no holds.  You can have holds for various reasons such as having an overdue library book, an unpaid account balance, or being a new student and not having met with your advisor.  Holds will prevent you from registering so it's important to get whatever hold you have lifted as soon as possible. 
    2. Make up a few possible class schedules.  Whether you do this with an advisor or on your own, it is important to prepare for a few possible outcomes going into registration.  Keep an eye on the number of spots available in your preferred classes on SU online and make back-up schedules accordingly.  You'll want to have at least three or four back-up plans, especially if classes you're trying to get into have five or less spots left. 
    3. Be ready for your registration time.  Since registration is a race, you want to be ready to register at your assigned time.  You should be logged on to SU Online ten minutes before your time just in case you run into any internet connection problems.  Usually, professors will understand if you have class during you registration time and need to step out for a minute to register.
    4. It's okay if you don't get your first choices.  Don't feel alone if you have a difficult registration experience; it happens to everyone.  If you don't get in to a class you need, you can always go to the Core Solution Center to get into a core class and Albers Walk-In Advising to get into an Albers class.  Although it is ideal to get into all of the classes with the times and professors you prefer, what's most important is that you get into classes that are required for you to take. 

    Good luck with the registration process!

    -Molly Morrisey, New Student Mentor