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  • Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

    Posted by Yeajin Park on 10/16/2013 10:35:16 PM

    There are two main phrases that have really stuck with me since I've been a student at Seattle University:

    1. "What you put into it is what you'll get out of it," and
    2. "Be comfortable with being uncomfortable."

    The first phrase has largely been motivational for me in terms of how I view my classes, extracurricular activities, and internships/ work. It's not a secret that the more heart and soul you put into the things you partake in, you will gain something incredible-- small or big-- out of them. It might be that you put in more hours studying for a difficult course you're taking-- and you end up not only with a good grade, but also genuine understanding/ knowledge of the course concepts. Or it might be that you put in extra time to attend all of a club's events and get to really know your fellow club members-- and you learn the value of teamwork and networking. The more I think about this phrase, the more I realize that I put dedication and hard work into my classes, club activities, and jobs not because I keep thinking, "Oh, I MUST gain something out of this," but because I actually genuinely want to give everything my all.

    Something I've struggled with more is the second phrase: Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Like many people, I like my comfort zone. It's cozy and warm. When I force myself to step out of it, I feel incredibly, well, uncomfortable. But if I always remain inside my comfort zone, I will remain stagnant, never growing, and never learning. If I don't step outside, I'll be preventing myself from experiencing new things that may be incredibly wonderful opportunities. 

    This is one of the best things about being a student in college: we're all here to learn. Nobody will ridicule you for trying something new no matter how awkward and nervous you yourself may feel. Honestly, for me, attending events such as the Career Fair hosted by the Albers Placement Center to meet with potential employers and to network is stepping out of my comfort zone because meeting new people isn't always the easiest for me. But the Business & Engineering Career Fair is next Tuesday, October 22, from 11 AM - 2 PM in the Campion Ballroom, and I'll definitely be there. Why? Because I'm going to start being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

    So I urge you. If you are uncomfortable with being a follower, try to give others a chance to step up as a leader. If you're uncomfortable with speaking up in class, maybe make it a goal of yours to speak up at least once a class (or start with once a week!). I promise you that you have nothing to lose.

    Until next time,
    Jane Park, NSM

    The Advice Senior Me Would Give Freshman Me

    Posted by Yeajin Park on 10/16/2013 10:32:57 PM

    Freshman year I wouldn’t have known that senior me would be a business student.  Regardless, there are a few things I learned this summer that I’m working to get better at.     

    1. Think about your 35 year plan.  Someone asked me what my 35 year plan was this this summer and at first it seemed like an intimidating question, but after I thought about it I realized that it wasn’t.  I have dreams and places I want to be someday.  Personally, I hope to own a pet corgi at some point.  Everyone has things they want in life like a family, a certain career, a level of education.  Even bigger than that our Jesuit influences teach us to think about how we want to impact the world.

    2. Get good at fending for yourself.  There were a total of 1,800 other interns at the company I worked for this summer.  Getting asked to come back involves both doing a good job and knowing the right people.  You have to be stubborn enough about the value you bring and convince people that they need you back.      

    3. The informational interview is your best friend.You can learn more from talking to a real person for 20 minutes than you can from 2 hours on a company website.  Informational interviews are fantastic ways to build your network, get referred to job opportunities, and get perspective on a company.  The Albers Placement Center is a great resource for getting connected to people that work in companies or industries that you’re interested in. 

    When I’m structuring an informational interview, there are three types of questions I always ask.  First, I always ask someone about a specific project or program they worked on.  This can be hard to find, but this is where LinkedIn is very helpful.  I also always google the person just to see if they’ve written or been quoted in any articles.  The second thing I ask is about something I’ve heard from someone else about that particular job or industry.  Third, I ask about something I read about their company in the news and their opinion or involvement on the subject.  

    4. Be ambitious.  Use these four years to dream big.  Make sure you’re always taking steps to work towards what you ultimately want and do a good job at everything you can get your hands on.  It will take hard work to find something to do after college.  It will take even more hard work to find something that you want to do.  You’re in a great place to help you with those things.  Take advantage of that.  There are tons of resources in Albers like your NSM, the advisors, the Albers Placement Center, the wonderful professors we have here, and all the different business clubs.

    I wish you all the best in your fall quarter!

    -Molly Morrisey, NSM


    Posted by Sheryn Crater on 10/9/2013 08:53:22 AM

    Please take note of the upcoming events this week and in October!  


    Freshman:  ThisThursday, October 10th from 12:30-1:30 in Student Center 160 is your Fall Kickoff Event!  All freshman are required to come to this event.  You will have an opportunity to meet with your New Student Mentor (NSM), as well as, faculty and staff.  Clubs and organizations will also be represented at this event.  See you there! 

    The Center for Business Ethics at The Albers School of Business and Economics presents:

    The Vocation of the Business Leader~A Conference on Faith, Values, and Integrity in the Workplace  

    Friday October 11-Sunday October 13, 2013

    The conference is a great opportunity for students to learn about international supply chains, entrepreneurship, and business excellence based on three fundamental approaches to sustainability: human dignity, the common good, and environmental well-being.   

    Registration Is Free:

    The conference website is


    Business & Engineering Career Fair, Campion Ballroom: 

    Tuesday, October 22, 2013,  11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    The Seattle University Business & Engineering Career Fair provides business and engineering students an opportunity to connect with company recruiters, to explore various job and internship options, and to build their professional network. The Business & Engineering Career Fair includes leading employers from the Greater Puget Sound business area.

    Albers Executive Speaker Series:   

    Thursday, October 24, 2013, Pigott Auditorium 5:30 pm

    Brad Tilden, President & CEO of Alaska Airlines and Alaska Air Group and CEO of Horizon Air, "Success at 3.5% Market Share?" 

    Fall Quarter Fun!

    Posted by Taryn Loo on 10/1/2013 10:27:10 AM

    Welcome back to school! Are you looking forward to Fall Ball?! Did some of you miss out on all the awesomeness last year because the tickets sold out too quickly? Keep an eye out for tickets and buy them quickly before they run out! Fall Ball is one of the most popular school events! Don’t worry if you don’t happen to get a ticket because there are other excellent events hosted by Seattle University and Seattle University clubs! Throughout the school year there’s: FASA Jam, FASA Formal, Hui O Nani Hawaii’s Luau, UFC’s Barrio, and SU club night, Dance Marathon, SU Basketball games, SU volleyball games, and SU soccer games. Check out all the events at SU Online. Go to “Student Life,” “Get Involved,” “Events” and you will see all these opportunities and more!

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    Thinking about study abroad? The best suggested times to study abroad are Sophomore year Winter quarter or Fall quarter, or Early Junior year.

    If you are considering studying abroad but don’t know enough information to make an informed decision here are the steps to follow:

    The Five Steps to Studying Abroad

    Attend an info session in the Educations Abroad Office

    Schedule an appointment with an education abroad advisor

    Research your options

    Apply to your program

    Complete all required pre-departure paperwork

    Important dates to keep in mind are Tuesday October 22nd and Tuesday January 14th! Visit the Albers Abroad Office in Pavillion 124 or the webpage at: You can also call them at 206.296.2226

    - NSM Taryn