Albers School of Business and Economics


  • All undergraduates must apply to the Seattle University Admissions Office for entrance. Through the Admissions Office you can request information, learn how to apply to the university, arrange for a campus visit, become familiar with the undergraduate degree programs, and get information on financing your education.

    Current Seattle University Students: Current students interested in changing to an Albers major should contact the Albers Front Desk at (206) 296-5700 or Pigott 318 to schedule an appointment with an Albers Academic Advisor. In order for a current Seattle University student to change to an Albers School of Business & Economics major, the student must complete the following four requirements:

    1. Math 130 or Math 134
    2. At least (2) of the following (6) courses: ECON 271, ECON 272, ACCT 230, ACCT 231, ECON 260, BETH 351
    3. 2.75 GPA in the above completed courses
    4. 2.75 cumulative GPA

    After a student completes the (4) above requirements, the student may submit a Change of Major form to the Albers Front Desk at Pigott 318. Once a student has been accepted, they are highly encouraged to schedule an appointment with an Albers Academic Advisor for long-term academic planning.

    Office of the Registrar

    The Office of the Registrar is responsible for class registration, grading, graduation evaluation, academic transcript processing, and academic record protection and maintenance. Additional responsibilities include class schedule production, transfer credit evaluation, degree audit, Undergraduate Catalog production, degree and enrollment verification, and FERPA training.

    Critical Dates

    The Seattle University Academic Calendar shows you the quarters, registration dates, tuition due dates, holidays, exam weeks, and commencement date.

    Financial Aid

    You may be eligible for financial aid to help you pay for your education at Seattle University.

    The Undergraduate Catalog

    Within the Catalog is the academic calendar for the year, the admissions and financial aid procedures, tuition and fees information, and academic policies, as well as degree program information for all the schools. Information on university governance, faculty, and a map are also included.

    Students who enroll in a degree program will have to fulfill the requirements in the Catalog of the year they entered the program, as opposed to the requirements in the Catalog of the year they graduate.