Albers School of Business and Economics
Study Abroad

China Study Abroad

  • Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Hong Kong

    August 25 - September 6, 2014

    We plan to visit four cities in China. Shanghai is the major financial center, is highly sophisticated and is the showcase for modern China. Shenzhen is a Special Economic Zone that has exploded in 30 years to become the #4 City in China in GDP terms with a population that equates to London. It is famous for manufacturing, including most of the iPhone production, and has a stock exchange. Guangdong province is the region that produces much of the exports that we see come from China. One city, Guangzhou has exports comparable to Vietnam. Dongguan is a major manufacturing center for exported goods. It comprises hundreds of thousands of SMEs. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China and operates under the ‘one country two systems model’. Its economy contains a myriad of service-based companies that specialize in re-exporting Chinese exports.

    We will partner with the Asia Institute, which will provide the on-the-ground logistics. We hope you will join us!


    ECON 494-4940/5940: International Economics – Chinese Economy and the World

    Instructor: Quan Le

    MGMT 494-4940/5940: The Context of Innovation in China

    Instructor: David Reid

    Teaching Method

    • Three Saturday pre-departure meetings in spring quarter
    • A debriefing session after the study tour for final presentations
    • Participate in all company and institutional visits
    • Write an integrative report on topics appropriate to the course(s)
    • Keep a daily journal and write reflection reports

    International Service Learning Project

    Students will have an opportunity to participate in an international service learning project with the Shanghai Roots & Shoots’ Million Tree Project to plant trees

    Registration and cost

    Cost: $3,300 plus airfares, Chinese visa, and tuition
    Deposit $500 before February 15, 2014
    * Undergraduate students can register in the spring or summer quarter