Albers School of Business and Economics
Placement Center

Career Fairs & On-Campus Recruitment

  • Business & Engineering Career Fair

    The Business & Engineering Career Fair, held during the fall quarter, provides business and engineering students with the opportunity to connect with local company recruiters to explore full-time job and internship options and to build their professional network. The Business & Engineering Career Fair includes leading employers from the Greater Puget Sound business area. Check the Placement Center page in the fall quarter for event information.

    Internship Fair

    SU Career Services and the APC partner to coordinate this event every year in the winter quarter.  It's a great opportunity for students to meet company representatives and learn more about their formal internship programs and opportunities.  Check the Placement Center page in the winter quarter for event information.

    Spring Job & Internship Fair

    SU Career Services and the APC partner to bring representatives from over 60 organizations to campus for this event each year in the spring quarter. During the Spring Job & Internship Fair, students of all majors have the opportunity to speak with potential employers about full-time job and internship opportunities. For more information, click here.

    On-Campus Interviews

    Companies will post job or internship opportunities on the Redhawk Network and will often host their first round interviews in the Albers Placement Center. Check your e-mail and the Redhawk Network for upcoming interviews on campus.

    Company Information Sessions

    Network with company representatives to learn about their corporate culture and career opportunities. Check the event information on the Placement Center page for upcoming company information sessions.