Albers School of Business and Economics
Mentor Program


  • Building success in today's business climate requires more than scholarly academic pursuits. It also requires knowledge of the business environment and the ability to negotiate within it. Seattle University has been greatly effective in building leaders who meet these criteria. A vital element in this success has been the AlbersMentor Program. By involving high level executives with our students, we provide an opportunity to meld the "real world" with that of the classroom.

    The Mentor Program at a Glance

    Each year Puget Sound business executives volunteer their time to mentor Seattle University students. From October to June the mentor and a small group of students meet to discuss business issues, career paths, personal concerns, and professional experiences. Samples of mentor group activities include presenting true-to-life case studies, inviting students to strategy meetings, providing an overview of a company, arranging meetings with company executives, etc. The time committed is flexible, but the groups generally meet every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the year, with each group setting its own agenda and goals. To kick off this process, the Albers School hosts a Mentor Fair in October which provides the arena for mentors and students to meet.

    Since the inception of the Mentor Program in the 1990-91 school year, over 900 business leaders and 3,000 students have participated.

    Mentor Characteristics

    Seattle University looks for mentors who are established executives with a pattern of success in their careers. Since many of our graduate students have substantial business background, they are in search of individuals who are high level executives such as CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, upper level managers, or business owners. It is vitally important that mentors be committed to education and willing to share their expertise and experience.

    Getting Involved

    If you would like to get involved in the growth and development of tomorrow's business leaders, and have some fun as well, contact the Albers Placement Center by phone at (206) 296-5687 or by e-mail at for more information and to get a brochure. If you know of other business leaders whom you feel would make excellent mentors, please call and give us their names and we will follow up with them.

    Mentor Resources

  • Mentor Willie Aikens from Slotay, Inc., his wife, and mentor Vicki Nickinovich from Nickinovich Research and Consulting, Inc.
  • I have participated in the SU mentor program both as a graduate student many years ago and for the past several years as a mentor.  As a mentor, it is incredibly rewarding to work with students on questions related to career planning and life in general.  I can always highlight a few areas where my mentees have helped me think through a difficult issue, and I have welcomed their energy and fresh perspective.  The mentor program is really a two-way street, and I’ve had the privilege of forming many long-term friendships from my participation in the program.

    Mark Gould, First Vice President & COO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco