Albers School of Business and Economics
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

Be a Mentor

  • We are always looking for local business people to work with our students on their consulting projects. Coaching is a wonderful way to give back to the community and is an invaluable experience for students!

    There are several avenues available for coaching:

    • In our Community Development and Entrepreneurship Clinic, local entrepreneurs, attorneys, and business owners coach students throughout the advisory service process to bring in hands-on, experiential knowledge.
    • Seattle University graduate students who choose to take the Entrepreneur Specialization track are paired with local entrepreneurs from the community to help guide them throughout their university experience.
    • Every year the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center hosts an annual Business Plan Competition. All student contestants are offered the opportunity to be paired with a coach throughout the contest, who offer advice and suggestions regarding their business plan.

    To learn more about being a coach, please contact or (206) 296-5715.