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Course Information

  • Undergraduate Courses

    We are pleased to announce the Minor in Entrepreneurship became available in Fall 2009. This is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Please see the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation to learn more.

    MKTG 3500 Introduction to Marketing
    Fall 2015,Winter 2016, Spring 2016
    Survey of institutions and essential functions in the marketing system. Analysis of the marketing mix; product, place, promotion, and price strategies. Prerequisites: advanced standing in the Albers School. 

     FINC 4790 Entrepreneurial Finance 
    Winter 2016
    Entrepreneurship involves the pursuit of opportunity with scarce resources.  Entrepreneurial finance is a collection of skills necessary to execute this challenging feat.  You will learn how to: identify and value attractive business opportunities; estimate necessary resources to undertake these opportunities; secure these resources on favorable terms; and finally, prudently manage them in pursuit of opportunity.

    MGMT 3790 Entrepreneurship Essentials
    Fall 2015, Spring 2016
    This class will give students a solid understanding and knowledge of the potential opportunities in entrepreneurship from micro-enterprise and family businesses to high growth ventures and corporate entrepreneurship and help answer the question, “Is entrepreneurship for you?” Students will also participate in the creation of a feasibility plan for a new venture with emphasis on market assessment, competitive analysis, financial viability, and the development of the entrepreneurial team.

    MGMT 4790 Business Plan Development
    Winter 2016
    From the basis of having a feasible venture, this class will help the student complete the essential parts of a business plan as well as techniques of presenting to investors.

    Graduate Courses

    FINC 5315 Entrepreneurial Finance
    Winter 2016
    Course examines financing options available to an entrepreneurial venture as well as the financial management of the small business. Focus is on methods of valuation used in entrepreneurial finance.  

    MGMT 5300 Family & Privately Held Owned Business
    Spring 2016
    The purpose of this course is to introduce the business student to the complex issues of family-owned businesses.  This course will analyze these firms’ unique business issues both in terms of best practices for management and governance issues and also in terms of family business continuity challenges.

    MGMT 5315 & MGMT 5320 Community Development & Entrepreneurship Clinic
     Winter 2016,Spring 2016
    In this course Business students will be teamed with Law students in learning and applying interdisciplinary legal and business skills to assist in new and existing business ventures in the Central District community. The Clinic will run 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the winter.

    MGMT 5340 Business Consulting 
    Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016
    Student teams will work, on a project basis, with new ventures and existing businesses needing to grow to help them develop strategic solutions confronting their business. The intent of this class is to be an integrative experience, helping the student apply the principles, concepts, and skills learned in prior classes to actual business situations.

    MGMT 5360 Entrepreneurial Strategies & Growth
    Spring 2016
    Interdisciplinary course designed to give students a solid understanding of the field and potential opportunities of entrepreneurship from micro-enterprise and family businesses to high growth ventures and corporate entrepreneurship.

    MGMT 5370 Business Plan Development
    Fall 2015
    This class is for students interested in starting their own business or launching a new venture for a nonprofit or corporation. Students will learn the critical skill of writing an effective business plan, will learn the theory behind writing a business plan and will apply what they learn to writing their own business plan.

    MKTG 5340 New Venture Marketing
    Summer 2016
    The special marketing challenges faced by start-up firms require focus, planning, and creativity in place of the money, experience, and people that are the strengths of established companies. The course assumes that the venture has identified an idea or business; it will not specifically address idea generation and evaluation. The course will deal with marketing research, however for marketing planning and growth. Includes segmentation and positioning, competitive strategy, the 4 P's (product, pricing, distribution and promotion with special emphasis on Internet and direct marketing) and marketing planning. 

    Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    Starts summer 2013.

    With the professional Certificate for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, participants will learn the critical strategies and skills to successfully launch, manage, and lead innovative programs and organizations of all sizes. You will receive practical, hands-on experience to work more effectively within your current company or to launch your own new venture by choosing one of two flexible areas of emphasis: Innovation or Entrepreneurship. In addition, you'll have access to the support and guidance of our dedicated Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship staff, including access to coaches and subject matter experts from among the top business leaders in the region.

    Who Should Enroll

    • Team or company leaders who want to learn how to be more innovative & entrepreneurial
    • Managers or other professionals within existing companies, nonprofits, or start-ups who want to reach the next level of success
    • Anyone interested in launching their own start-up or other enterprise
    • Technical or engineering students who want to bring more innovation and creative thinking to their projects
    • Project teams that want to work together more effectively and create breakthrough results  

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants must have:

    1. A minimum of an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution
    2. A minimum 2 years of full time work experience

    Course Requirements

    Note: For students enrolled in the Master of Science in Finance program, MBA 551 may not be taken as an elective to fulfill the requirements for the certificate. Four other electives must be taken.

    Course descriptions: Business Law, Finance, Management, Marketing, Operations

    Courses may be taken in any order.

    1 required course 
    MGMT 5370:  Business Plan Development

    Choose any 4 electives from either or both of the following emphases:

    Entrepreneurship Emphasis

    FINC 5315: Entrepreneurial Finance
    MKTG 5610: New Venture Marketing 

    MGMT 5360: Entrepreneurial Strategies & Growth
    BLAW 5305: Legal Issues for New Ventures
    MGMT 5300: Family  & Privately Held Owned Business
    MGMT 5330: Entrepreneurship Social Enterprise
    MGMT 5340: Business Consulting

    Innovation Emphasis

    MKTG 5350: Creativity and Innovation
    MKTG 5310: New Product Development
    OPER 5310: Project Management and Control
    MGMT 5340: Business Consulting
    MGMT 5365: Managing Change 

    Next Steps

    • You need to apply for the certificate program as a regular student via our application page.
    • Once you are accepted, you may start any term (fall, winter, spring or summer).
    • You can find schedules of classes on on our website.
    • Length of program depends on when classes are being offered and how many you wish to take per term.
    • Cost is $800 per credit.

    For more information, contact Jeff Millard at

    MBA Specialization in Entrepreneurship

    To receive the specialization in innovation & entrepreneurship, a student must complete an entrepreneurship strategies & growth course, 6 credits from a list of specified electives, a practicum course, and submit a quality business plan which qualifies for the trade show/elevator pitch round. Please note that the credits needed for the specialization are taken as the electives of the student's MBA curriculum. The specialization is not in addition to the MBA degree.

    Students interested in this specialization must do the following:

    1. Schedule an appointment with Sue Oliver, Director of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, by contacting Nettasha Reese at or visiting Pigott 432D.
    2. Submit and obtain signatures for a Change of Program Form to the Graduate Programs Office located in Pigott 321/322 (change from MBA to MBA.ENTR).
    3. A business mentor will be assigned once MGMT 5360 has been completed and the student has made the formal change to their program.
    4. Participate in the SU Annual Business Plan Competition by submitting a quality business plan for the screening round and qualify for the tradeshow/elevator pitch round.
    5. Complete a minimum of 12 credits from the following options:

      Course Description Credits
      MGMT 5360 Entrepreneurship  Strategies & Growth 3
      Specified Electives Choose 6 credits from the following:  
      BLAW 5305 Legal Issues for New Ventures 3
      IS 5300 Internet Marketing 3
      FINC 5315 Entrepreneurship Finance 3
      MKTG 5340 New Venture Marketing 3
      MKTG 5310 New Product Development 3
      MGMT 5330 Entrepreneurship: Social Enterprise 3
       MGMT 5300 Family & Privately Held Owned Business 3
      Practicum Requirement Choose one of the following courses:  
      MGMT 5370 Business Plan Development 3
      MGMT 5315 & MGMT 5320 Community Development & Entrepreneurship Clinic I & II (two quarters) 6
      MGMT 5340 Business Consulting 3