Albers School of Business and Economics
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

Student Consulting Services

  • Community Development and Entrepreneurship Clinic

    The Community Development and Entrepreneurship Clinic is a joint effort between the Entrepreneurship Center and the Seattle University School of Law.

    Starting each fall, clients come to the Clinic primarily from several community based micro-lending organizations: Community Capital Development (CCD) and Washington CASH (WA CASH). Our students apply their classroom teachings by providing pro bono advisory services to clients selected from CCD and WA CASH.

    Local entrepreneurs, attorneys, and business owners mentor students throughout the advisory service process to bring in hands-on, experiential knowledge.

    The Clinic generally caters to very small businesses. If you are interested in becoming a client of the Clinic, please visit WA CASH or CCD to see if you qualify.

    To see more details about the clinic, please click here.

    Undergraduate Student Consulting Services
    (Small Business Institute)

    A team of undergraduate business students consult with the owner of the business to do an overall analysis to develop a business plan. Students need access to prior financials such as the P&L statements and balance sheets.

    This is a ten-week project which coincides with the academic quarter.

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