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Jim Hebert

Hebert Research, Inc.

Company Description

Hebert Research is a well-established, full-service research firm headquartered in Bellevue, WA. The company was founded in 1978 with the objective of providing a source of independent, high quality research and practical insight for a wide range of organizations and issues. Over the intervening years, the company has become one of the leading full-service market research groups in the United States, enabling public and private organizations to use reliable research findings to manage change and realize their vision. The company’s research capabilities have guided start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and government agencies through complex, real-life problems to achieve their goals and reinvent a brighter future. In the process of providing market, product, consumer, public policy, and economic research to over 5,000 organizations, Hebert Research has earned a long list of wonderful clients such as Costco, PepsiCo, Toyota, Kraft Foods, Tropicana, Starbucks, Microsoft, Campbell Soups, T-Mobile, Weyerhaeuser, Quaker Oats, and Kimberly Clark, just to name a few.

Job Description

Jim Hebert is the president and founder of Hebert Research, a 30-year-old, privately held public policy research firm that serves clients locally, nationally, and internationally. Hebert Research was given the Emerging Business Award in 1992 by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.In 1996, Mr. Hebert was appointed an adjunct Professor of Business at the University of Washington and specialized in teaching new product development and then in 2006 as Professor of Business at Seattle University's graduate school of business.


University of Washington
MBA, Seattle University, 1976

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Works in Bellevue