Albers School of Business and Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Individualized Major

  • In order to earn the bachelor of arts in business administration degree with an individualized major in business administration, students must complete a minimum of 180 quarter credits with a cumulative and major/program grade point average of 2.25, including the following:

    I. University Core Curriculum Requirements

    55 credits, including:

    Module I

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    UCOR 1100 Academic Writing Seminar 5
    UCOR 1200 Quantitative Reasoning (satisfied in major) 5
    UCOR 1300 Creative Expression and Interpretation 5
    UCOR 1400 Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities  5
    UCOR 1600 Inquiry Seminar in the Social Sciences 5
    UCOR 1800 Inquiry Seminar in the Natural Sciences 5

    Module II

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    UCOR 2100 Theological Explorations 5
    UCOR 2500 Philosophy of the Human Person 5
    UCOR 2910 Ethical Reasoning Business 5

    Module III

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    UCOR 3100 Religion in a Global Context 5
    UCOR 3400 Humanities and Global Challenges 5
    UCOR 3800 Natural Sciences and Global Challenges 5

    II. Albers Business Foundation Requirements

    82 credits, including:

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    BUAD 1000 Introduction to Business
    (must be taken first quarter)
    ACCT 2300   Principles of Accounting I 5
    ACCT 2310   Principles of Accounting II 5
    BCOM 2800 Business Communication 5
    ECON 2100 Business Statistics 5
    ECON 2110 Principles of Economics—Micro 5
    ECON 2130 Principles of Economics—Macro 5
    IS 3150   Introduction to Information Systems 5
    ECON 3100   Quantitative Methods and Applications 5
    FINC 3400 Business Finance 5
    MKTG 3500 Introduction to Marketing 5
    OPER 3600 Manufacturing and Service Operations 5
    BLAW 3700 Business and International Law 5
    MGMT 3800 Principles of Management 5
    MGMT 4890 Business Policy and Strategy 5
    Choose one of the following two courses: 5
    INBU 3200 Global Environment of Business  
    ECON 3130   Global and Domestic Macroeconomics  
    Calculus, choose one of the following two courses: 5
    MATH 1130 Elements of Calculus for Business  
    MATH 1334 Calculus I  

    EXCEL Requirement

    All business students entering SU summer 2012 or later are required to pass the EXCEL Level I Certification Exam as follows: 

    • Freshman students need to be certified by the time they have reached 45 credits.
    • Transfer students need to be certified by the end of their first quarter in Albers.

    For details, see the Excel FAQ.

    III. Major Requirements

    25 credits, including:

    Course Title Credits
    Upper division business/economics 25

    Individualized business majors must complete at least 25 credits of upper-division work in business and/or economics from at least three different disciplines, selected with an adviser's approval. At least 10 of the credits must be 4000-level courses.

    IV. Additional Requirements

    Course Title Credits
    General Electives to total 180 credit hours 8

    Please note:

    Internships or independent studies will not satisfy major requirements.

    * Major requirements must earn a C- grade or better.