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2014 Red Winged Leaders

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    Tavio Hobson

    Tavio Hobson

    Founder and Executive Director of the A+ Youth Program
    2014 Red Winged Leadership Award Winner

    Tavio Hobson is the Executive Director of the A PLUS Youth Program whose mission is to use sports as a vehicle to provide the educational resources and character development necessary for student-athletes to succeed in life. He represents innovative thinking in youth education and athletics and has a reputation for building and retaining high performance teams by hiring, developing, and motivating skilled talented professionals. Tavio has also served as an At Risk Youth Counselor for Youth Care in Seattle. By combining athletics with academics the A+ Youth Program helps build teamwork and inspires kids to become leaders. He also serves as the Head of the Boys Basketball Program and is Head Coach at Lakeside School in Seattle.

    See a short video about Tavio’s story here.

     Morehouse, Lance

    Lance Morehouse

    Executive Director of  Sherwood Community Services 
    2014 Red Winged Leadership Award Honoree

    Lance Morehouse is the Executive Director at Sherwood Community Services whose mission is to ‘provide innovative, inclusive services to children and adults with disabilities in their communities throughout Snohomish County.’ He has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to working with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Having his own experience with a son with significant disabilities as a result of a near drowning accident; Lance understands the issues that individuals and families face and has made a strong commitment to provide resources and advocacy to help families address their needs. After graduating from a Leadership Development Program and the University of Washington in 1997, Lance started the Spokane County Parent Coalition as a community service project and now has over 15 years of non-profit experience.

    See a short video about Lance’s story here.

    Jessica Reasy 2

    Jessica Reasy

    Executive Director of Redeeming Soles 
    2014 Red Winged Leadership Award Honoree

    Jessica Reasy is the Executive Director of Redeeming Soles, a non-profit organization that provides proper footwear for the homeless and underprivileged throughout the Puget Sound area. Leveraging her extensive experience in financial industry and entrepreneurship, Jessica has helped the organization create a sustainable business model and expanded footwear distribution to thousands of people in Greater Seattle region. Jessica recently founded the Young Nonprofit Leaders Organization (YNLO), whose mission is to help build community, synergy and skills among other non-profit leaders and their respective organizations. She also runs Clean for a Change, which benefits a variety of charities including Redeeming Soles.

    See a short video about Jessica’s story here.