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Meet the Cohort

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    "Leadership is a process/movement of influencing a vision of positive collective change by empowering and inspiring others."

    -The 2013-2014 GLFS Cohort

    The Graduate Leadership Formation Specialization (GLFS) offers each cohort member a special opportunity to explore leadership issues, develop and hone leadership skills, and practice leadership behaviors in the year long program. The program includes a leadership challenge which challenges MBA students to explore, process, demonstrate, and assimilate aspects of leadership theory and behavior. 

    For the 2013-2014 academic year, the cohort is comprised of 18 individuals who make up 12 teams. Each student has a leadership role within one of the teams below. 

    • Spotting
    • Selection
    • Jury Selection
    • Video
    • Recognition
    • Fundraisers 1
    • Fundraisers 2 - UG
    • “Get the Word Out” 1
    • “Get the Word Out” 2 - UG
    • IT
    • Event Planning
    • Budget

    Meet the 2014 Cohort

    2014 J.Billbe
    Jane Billbe
    Jane Billbe, a Seattle native, joined the GLFS program to learn about leadership in a hands-on experience that would allow her to take leadership risks. Jane wants to sharpen the skills she has gained up until now as well as learn new skills and perspectives when it comes to being a leader. Jane attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and earned degrees in French and Environmental Science. She currently works at Seattle University in the Office of Student Development and is grateful to have a position which allows her to see leadership theories in action.  In her spare time, Jane tries to be outdoors in the beautiful PNW hiking and camping with her partner and dog.
    Bryan Campbell  
    Bryan Campbell joined the GLFS program to learn about leadership styles and gain additional experience.  He works as a Boeing Estimating Analyst for the KC-46 Tanker program full-time while in the Seattle University MBA program part-time.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Washington State University.
    Duangkamol (Mol) Chungsiriwat  
    A resilient multiculturalist with high ethical and moral standards, Mol was born in Bangkok, Thailand as a youngest in a family of six. Her passion in cultures, languages and leadership motivated her to continue her education in the United States of America when she was sixteen years old. She moved to Seattle to pursue a bachelor degree in Biochemistry at the University of Washington. Throughout her years at the University of Washington, Mol involved herself in multidisciplinary courses and trainings ranging from honor classes to research projects with the goal of attending a medical school. As fate would have it, as she was nearing her graduation, Mol has an opportunity to start a small company in Seattle and never looked back at a medical school. Mol moved back to Bangkok, Thailand and worked as a team leader and an assistant manager in a family-owned manufacturing firm. After six years of experience managing cross-functional teams, she decided to move back to Seattle, WA to pursue a higher education in business.
    Sergio Curro
    Sergio Steve Curro joined the GLFS program in order to experience aspects of human awareness, perception, reasoning and judgment. To Sergio, life experiences build the foundation of leadership strengths – leaders create a point of disequilibrium and heightened self-awareness that leads to challenges of basic beliefs and that is what the GLFC is all about. Sergio received a Bachelors and Masters Degree in architecture and architectural engineering from Florida Atlantic University and the Illinois Institute of Technology, respectively. Most recently, he completed his certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Project Management (PMP) at the University of Washington. He is currently working on his second Masters in Business Administration at Seattle University with a specialization in Leadership Formation.
    Lingzi Gong
    Lingzi Gong joined GLFS for the opportunity to educate herself about leadership from a new perspective as well as to learn from others who share the same interest for leadership in the class. She believes that leadership is not only about leading others but also about making impacts on your peers. Currently, she’s an early-admitted MPAC student with a specialization in Leadership Formation. Through this program, Lingzi wants to learn about ways to influence different people and experience the power of leadership under various circumstances.
    Thomas Greenacre
    Thomas Greenacre joined the GLFS in order to gain more insight surrounding Leadership and how it applies to not only ones professional life but also their personal life. Currently he works at Young’s Market Company as an Account Manager. His primary responsibility is to build strong working relationships with the heads of retail partners to ensure the distribution and quality promotion of top Wine and Spirit brands. Thomas earned a B.A in Business Administration with a focus in Management from Western Washington University.
    Arsenio Hawkins 
    California native, Arsenio Hawkins has traveled the world while serving in the U.S. Navy. He is now a veteran and after serving he pursued a degree in Business Management at Western Washington University. Arsenio currently works full time at Seattle University in the field of finance and budgeting and is taking course towards his Master’s degree . On his spare time he mentors at risk youth at the King County Dentation Center and is actively involved with his local church. Arsenio is a diversified individual and enjoys giving back to his country and community. In addition, he appreciates learning in a team oriented environment and he believes his purpose in life is to be of service to others. He loves Powell’s’ book store in Portland, OR  and café.
    Po-Chao Huang
    Eric Huang joined GLFS program to explore and further develop his leadership skills. Eric is a full-time MBA student. He saw this program as an opportunity to work along side with other MBA student leaders whom he can get inspired from. His past experience includes working with a local government agency, where he is responsible for promoting a government funded loan program to small businesses. Eric holds a B.A. in Business Administration, double majoring in Marketing and Management.
    Tanner Humiston
    Tanner Humiston joined the GLFS program to learn more about the leadership process and to further develop his leadership style. Tanner is a full-time MBA student. His past experience includes work with national and local governments, where he had opportunities to impact policy decisions while exploring various parts of the world. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy.
    Amanda Jacobs 
    Amanda Jacobs joined the GLFS to gain leadership experience in an academic setting and to be able to apply that to the business world. Amanda currently works at an HVAC consulting firm. She is an avid golfer and in an ideal world, all business would be done on the course. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Idaho.
    Jake Kemnec  
    Jake Kemnec joined the GLFS program to continue his educational pursuit in the art and science of leadership.  He saw the program as a unique opportunity to be surrounded people who share the same passion for leadership while learning from their experiences and sharing his experiences as a former military leader with 6+ years of service in the US Army.  Currently, Jake works as a project manager for Versa Resources in support of business operations at Microsoft and holds a B.S. in Information Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.
    Lars Lee
    Lars is proud to be a part of the GLFS program.  He joined with the intention of exploring and developing his own leadership style into one that feels natural and authentic.  He has always been fascinated by cultures, people, and the connections that can be made between them.  Lars currently co-owns a small clothing business with his father, called Peoples Republic of Clothing.  He holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Washington.
    Erik Lim
    Erik Lim joined the GLFS program to invest in his personal leadership development and qualify his leadership style. Erik earned his B.A. and majored in Management Information Systems from Washington State University Vancouver. He currently works at Boeing under Commercial Aviation Services and supports the Maintenance Engineer programs in Duwamish near Boeing Field. Erik is a recent graduate of the Executive Develop Institute in Bellevue, and has volunteered for non-profit organizations including FIRST Robotics (FRC), Ruby Room, and Seattle Works. During his free time, Erik enjoys teaching Skiing at Summit at Snoqualmie and is an active United States Tennis Association member.
    Terry McVenes
    Terry McVenes is the Director of System Safety and Regulatory Affairs for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He is responsible for the execution of the Commercial Airplanes safety, regulatory and rulemaking initiatives throughout the world. McVenes joined The Boeing Company in November 2008 as a senior manager of Aviation System Safety after a 30 year career as an airline pilot. Prior to joining Boeing, he served as the Executive Air Safety Chairman for the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), representing ALPA pilots in airline safety and engineering issues arising within the industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Colorado and the Certificate of Aviation Safety Management from the University of Southern California.
    Lindsey Sargent 
    Lindsey Sargent is a life-long Washington resident.  She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Business and Finance and is currently completing her MBA at Seattle University.  Lindsey is the Homeownership Program Director for a Seattle non-profit, Homestead Community Land Trust.  There she works to create opportunities for low and moderate income families to purchase their first home in Seattle.  In her spare time she runs an outreach Girl Scout Troop for teenage girls living in public housing in White Center. She enjoys traveling and drinking wine.
    Gregory Swanson 
    Greg Swanson joined the GLFS to further investigate the discipline of leadership and to build upon his leadership skills and experiences. Greg currently works as an account executive at Russell Investments. He holds a BA in Economics and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Puget Sound.
    Antony Tebitendwa
    Antony joined GLFS to develop and enhance her leadership skills and to explore her leadership style and abilities through working with and learning from her peers. She is originally from Uganda; she is a Catholic nun from Uganda who belongs to the order of the Daughters of Mary. Antony holds a B.A in Accounting from Seattle University. After her MBA, she plans to go back to Uganda to serve using the skills she has obtained from her studies here at Seattle University. Her religious order’s main apostolate is Education and Healthcare, so she hopes she will be working in those areas. She enjoys volunteering at St. Cathedral Kitchen, serving meals to the homeless. Antony is a co-lead for the Selection team, a member of the Fundraising team and Get the Word Out team for this course.
    Brendan Tower
    Brendan Tower is a western Washington native having grown up in a variety of areas from Vancouver to Bellevue. His passion for leadership started shortly after enlisting in the US Navy immediately after high school. His career has lead him to complete an Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Washington, and assignment as a a submarine officer. He completed his first tour on the USS HAWAII (SSN776) in Pearl Harbor, HI in 2012. He is dedicated to the continued improvement of his leadership skills and understanding with the Alber's MBA program and leadership formation specialization.