Albers School of Business and Economics


  • Program Description

    At Seattle University's Entrepreneurship Center, we have a mission: ROI3.  That's visual shorthand for our three cornerstone principles: Return on Imagination, Return on Involvement and Return on Investment.  We build and nourish the entrepreneurial spirit.  To us, entrepreneurship is more than a collection of courses.  It's a philosophy, a mindset that inspires innovation, risk-taking, and seizing opportunities in any form of business venture.  We're also about shaping leaders of the future, and that means linking students with the business community.  We view education as an investment and are determined to provide value to all our stakeholders.

    Specialization Requirements

    MBA students may pursue a specialization in entrepreneurship which requires completion of a fundamentals course, six credits of specified electives, a practicum course and participation in the annual business plan competition.  Please note that the credits needed for the specialization are taken as electives of the student's MBA curriculum. 

    12 credits, including:

    • MGMT 5360 Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
      • A business mentor will typically be assigned after MGMT 5360 has been completed and the student has made a formal change to their program.
    • Specified Electives (choose two)  
    • Practicum requirement (choose one)
      • MGMT 5340 Business Consulting
      • MGMT 5370 Business Plan Development
      • MGMT 5315 & 5320 Community Development and Entrepreneurship Clinic I & II (two quarters)

    Note: The student is also required to participate in the Seattle University Annual Business Plan Competition by submitting a quality business plan for the screening round and qualify for the tradeshow/elevator pitch round.

    For more information on the Entrepreneurship Center in Albers, click here.

    To declare a specialization, complete the "Addition of Another Major, Degree, or Specialization" form (available from PIGT 318 or the Office of the Registrar website) and return the form to PIGT 318.